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How to Score 180+ in JEE Main 2021? – Amazing Guide – Gradeup

The JEE Main level has become more NCERT Based from 2019 onwards. Read full guide about “Score 180+ in JEE Main” explained in videos.


The JEE Main level has become more NCERT Based from 2019 onwards & competition has become more fierce because of that. Still, getting a 180 or plus score is considered acceptable if you are targeting a suitable stream in top NITs & IIITs. 

Scoring 180+ means you have to get at least 45 questions correctly, that too, with 100 percent accuracy. With the change in pattern this year, 15 optional questions will be there that can help you save time with questions that you find challenging or lengthy to read. This article will share some tips for JEE Main 2021 that will help you score 180+ in the upcoming sessions.

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First of all, you need to understand your current position and how you rank yourself in terms of your current level of preparation. Ask yourself, is it enough for you to grab a seat in your dream college. If not, then plan your days very efficiently.

We are here for you to help make this jump to victory. We have prepared a roadmap to score 180+ marks for the JEE exam 2021 in just 20 days!

The plan is to divide and conquer: Start with each subject from basics and move to an advanced level covering all the topics.

The distribution of issues needs to be done in a planned manner not to lose touch with the remaining subjects and issues. The key to success during these 20 days will be patience, consistency, and practice tests.

Each day, allot each topic of a subject for that day and complete it the same day within a decided time. This way, you will keep track of your course and cover it in the desired time duration and improve your speed and accuracy.

Revise your theoretical concepts in the morning, and practice the questions related to this the next evening. In the evening, start with practice questions of the other two subjects.

This mix and practice of topics will help you stay in touch with all the concepts while revising the weak points. Be very prompt and manage your time aptly.

Then decide which practice tests you will do in the evening. For the next six days, your one slot of evening practice test will be pre-decided, and you will have to plan only the second slot.

For Example, in the first seven days, you decide to complete topics of mathematics. So, divide them equally along the weekdays. Then, for the first day, decide on two practice tests that you will finish in the stipulated time frame. Now, make decisions on a practice test for the next day.

The day does not end with this. Now comes the most crucial part of these 20 days—the thorough analysis of the practice tests you attempt. Only doing practice tests would be fruitless if you do not analyze your mistakes and learn from them.

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While exploring your practice test, go through each error you made and note it down somewhere for your future reference. Refer to all the related formulas and concepts so that they stay with you.

Do this analysis on the same day as the questions and your approach to them is still fresh in your mind, and you will be able to analyze and detect any incorrect moves. This approach will help you strategize better for the upcoming strategy.

While preparing, do not just keep doing the questions blindly. Be sure to improve with each practice test. Few tests might not go as expected, but the key here is to remain consistent in your efforts and attempt the questions.

Remember, this is not the final test; this is a journey preparing you for the final exam. Do not be afraid to make mistakes in these tests but improve with each error. Learn and grow from each question that you do and strategize accordingly.

The key takeaways from this would be to manage your time and strategize. Determine your most robust pursuit from these practice tests and attempt questions in the exam accordingly.

One day before the exam, Relax. Yes. Relax on the last day. Do not panic or doubt your preparation on the previous day. Just go through the basic formulas if you want to but not overdo it.

Take a good night’s sleep of 7-8 hours and give the exam with a fresh mind. Please take a deep breath, trust yourself and Go for it!

All the best

Team Gradeup

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