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Ccustom Lipstick Packaging

The use of lipstick is never down, even wearing a mask in the deadly pandemic of COVID-19. However, the trend of using lipstick is going down for a limited time because everyone wears a mask. But females still need lipstick to make their personality presentable and energetic in online conferences, meetings, or classes. So, it clears that lipstick never ends, but it increases day by day among people. To fulfill the demand for lipstick, many cosmetic brands launch various types of shades of lipstick and forms in the industry. These lipstick are packed in quality custom lipstick boxes to protect presents in the cosmetic retailer’s shop. Now let us see the recent trends of lipstick packaging. 

Recent Trends of Lipstick Boxes

The trend of using simple or plain lipstick boxes for packaging your cosmetic products is going old and worthless. By using such types of simple or premade boxes, you are able to lose a large part of possible sales. In recent times, people found multiple factors in packaging before buying the product. Here is the list of some points that are excessively considering by people. 

  • The quality of boxes must be fascinating. 
  • Packaging cannot tear and DE shaping easily. 
  • Charming and mesmerizing or not. 
  • Product is securely received or not.  
  • Information is readable for native customers or all target audiences.

So, you need to create up-to-the-mark lipstick boxes for your products that fulfill all the mentioned demands. Custom lipstick boxes are available in versatile sizes, designs, and shapes according to your interest.  Now it’s time to see how you can make pro packaging cases for your lipstick.

Pick Quality Cardstock for Custom Lipstick Boxes 

The quality of the material is most considering chunk for your lipstick packaging. So, you need to choose heavy-duty and thick cardstock material for your lipstick. Mostly, brands use cardboard-made lipstick boxes to pack their liquid and bullet lipsticks.  Here is the list of brands that use cardboard packaging to pack single lipstick. 

  • MAC 
  • Nar’s 
  • Chanel 
  • Tom Ford 
  • Charlotte Tilbury 

Apart from this, you can pick rigid lipstick boxes that are sturdier enough and play a major contribution in positively impacting the customer mended. Add to this; you can use rigid lipstick boxes for custom liquid lipstick packaging because liquid lipstick jars and bottles are quite sensitive. So, it securely holds them as well as increases the esthetics. Next to this, you could also pack your lipsticks in your Kraft boxes to keep your atmosphere green. 

Print Dynamic and Mandatory Information on Lipstick Boxes 

Custom printed lipstick boxes play a vital role in communicating with your audiences and make a stable bridge between you and your audiences. Communicating with your customers is a deterministic aspect that positively affects your sales. Beauty items that are pack in a simple brown box are not capable of communicating your brand message to your customers. On the other hand, products packed in the printed boxes are grasped to engage the customers and impress them. So, your lipstick boxes must deliver information regarding the enlisting elements. 

  • Brand name 
  • Logo 
  • Product name 
  • MFG and Expiry
  • Ingredients

The lipstick boxes with logos offer the authentication of your products for customers. Furthermore, it makes your product recognizable in the industry and capable of using compete with your competitors. 

Make your Shipping Style Creative for Best User Experiences 

The good delivery of your products is crucial to improve your profit margins. The shipping process of your items must be lesser and quick, which gives priority to your brand on the others. So, be creative with your lipstick shipping boxes to provide the best user experiences. You need secure and easy-to-open mailer boxes to ship your products. 

Focus on Interior Design and Esthetics of Lipstick Cases 

It’s time to focus on the interior design of your lipstick cases. All and sundry brand put their attention to making the fabulous for your users. In this regard, you need to choose the best color combination for use inside the lipstick box. Likewise, you can use rosy pink color for the inside of lipstick, so you use a light peachy shade in the inner printing of your lipstick boxes. 

However, you can print personalized messages with unique and stylish font styles for your customers in the lipstick boxes if you want. Plus, many more options are waited to make your custom lipstick packaging chic and secure. Here is the list of these points for you. 

  • Tray 
  • Eva Foam 
  • Plastic Wrapping and Sealed 

The use of tray and EVA foam gives an opulent look to your lipstick boxes splendidly and completes your customers for buying your products. Moreover, bubble wrapping is best to protect your products from damage that can collapse. When your customers unbox your lipstick boxes and find bubble wrapping that wraps around the products, it’s satisfying to get secure lipsticks. 

Give little Touch of Personalization for Your Customers

Now it’s time to give esthetic and titillating options to your customers. So, you need to print information on the lipstick box packaging by using any attractive foil to prominent the text on the box. Consequently, you need your lipstick to look catchy as compared to other brands of lipsticks. In this regard, you have the choice to use multiple colors of foil to print text on the boxes. Here is the list of metallic colors that you can use to print text on your lipstick packaging. 

  • Rose gold
  • Rouge 
  • Teal 
  • Turquoise 
  • Brass 
  • Burgundy 

Check Your 3D Lipstick Mockups before Order Bulk Packaging 

After finalizing all chunks, you must take mockups of your lipstick box to know how your boxes are like after printing. Apart from this, it’s all up to your to either want mockup templates in soft file and hard box sample form. Similarly, you can remove the error and modify things that look odd or pathetic in lipstick packaging boxes. Now your box is ready for wholesale lipstick boxes printing. 

Final Discussion 

So, this article shows the best secret to generate the sublime and surpassed lipstick cases for bestowing an enticing look of the product. Also, it provides the overview of recent demand od customers regarding the products packagings. So, you need to print complete information of products, esthetic design, quality material, interior design, and exterior design for custom lipstick packaging boxes.

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