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How To Sell On Azure Market Place?

Azure has now become crucial to Microsoft’s enterprise strategy, serving as a platform for accelerating the development of apps and services. It’s important to keep yourself concentrated on it as a platform and a host for virtual infrastructures while overlooking a few of its other functions: hosting software as a service (SaaS).

If you are presently using Azure Market Place, you will see that the platform has grown over time. When your service is hosted on Azure, you are already using the Azure Marketplace. For instance: Operating / Launching Virtual Machines make use of images from the Azure Marketplace.

Steps To Sell On The Azure Market Place

Until mid-2021, the Microsoft Azure marketplace offered over 15,700 items and services. You can see that there is a huge demand on this platform. Hence, you must start selling out your product on Azure using the given steps.

  1. Become a Partner of Microsoft

You can begin with registering yourself at https://partner.microsoft.com/.

Once signed up, then you will get a Microsoft ID that you can use for creating an offer.

  • Choose The Offer

Next, make sure to pick the offer that suits you:

  • SaaS Apps
  • Azure applications
  • IoT Edge Modules
  • Virtual Machines
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement
  • Managed Services
  • Power BI Apps
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Dynamics 365 for Operations
  • Describe Your Product Offering

You may add a membership to your offer once you’ve chosen the offer type. Choose the appropriate category to ensure that you reach the intended audience.

  • Select the Payment Method

You may select any of the payment methods listed below.

  • Free
  • Subscription Price – Subscriptions are used to charge software licenses.
  • Bring Your Own License – You continue to handle software licenses and offer them directly to consumers. Microsoft will charge only the infrastructure and Azure use.
  • Pay-As-You-Go – Price per hour (only for vCPUs)
  • Lead Management

The Cloud Partner portal helps in managing leads generated by your Marketplace activity. What does this imply? Suppose somebody submits their data when purchasing or attempting to use your offer. In that case, this information is processed and saved in Dynamics CRM Online or any other backend that you offer. This offers leads for you and your sales staff to follow up on.

  • Go Live!

You can publish your products once you’ve completed all of the pages and added all the needed information. This will initiate a workflow in which automated tests are performed on your offering, culminating in the generation of a private marketplace offer for you to test.

When you are satisfied with your product, you can seek a “Go Live,” during which Microsoft will examine and test it before completing and posting it on the Azure Marketplace.

Azure Marketplace offers several advantages that might help you increase sales and expand into new markets. It is indeed a user-friendly platform that requires little to no assistance when your clients buy and execute your product. So, do not wait for a long time and begin by publishing your solution to the Marketplace.

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