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SEO Trends that Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) Should Know

Brand marketers must plan, account for, and execute accordingly. Read SEO Trends that Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) Should Know in 2021.


This is when the annual marketing budget is set, and decisions are made to determine the win or loss of the year.

Brand marketers must plan, account for, and execute accordingly. They also need to keep up-to-date strategies and tactics that will lead to a steady performance in organic search, where change is the only one that does not change.

Chief marketing officers may implement strategies to embrace new search changes by focusing on macro trends within the industry rather than micro-changes in algorithms.

Here, we will introduce the eight key organic search trends that CMOs and marketing organizations need to plan for 2021 by extracting them from the 2021 Enterprise Buyer’s Guide to SEO. Read below SEO Trends guide.

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Increase the value of links earned by authenticity

Inbound links have long been and remain a major off-site indicator of value, authority, and trust for search engines.

CMOS interested in organic search channels should focus on creating valuable content and promoting such content to specific users to get citations of branded content’. Here, citation refers to references and links to high-quality branded content, not text links to product pages.

By authoritative publishers or influencers, Citations affect search engine optimization, brand awareness, online sales, lead generation, audience growth, and other hard-to-obtain and precious marketing metrics. Therefore, there is no reason not to use this strategy in search engine optimization.

The increasing importance of mobile

2021 was a commemorative year in marketing, as mobile Internet use finally surpassed desktop Internet use. The increase in mobile use implies a fundamental change in consumer behavior and has essential search and search engine optimization implications.

Mobile search algorithms require different best practices than desktop search algorithms. Therefore, CMOS needs to understand the mobile search environment to guide appropriate marketing spending.

If brands can quickly and effectively deliver high-level mobile experiences to consumers, they will certainly have a competitive advantage.

Distribute search across platforms, devices, and channels

Search queries are not only distributed with long-tail keywords but are also spread across various platforms and channels. Online service providers, mobile devices, and software applications build internal search capabilities to serve users better. This means that the amount of search in web browsers is reduced.

In 2021, CMOs will need to put more effort into optimizing their brand presence for searches across multiple platforms, including Amazon, Wikipedia, Yelp, and mobile applications, as well as Google.

Convergence of thought leadership and social engagement

In recent years, thought leadership has become a frequent topic. Many brands aggressively pursue content marketing strategies to position themselves as specialized seo services companies in Lahore in their respective online communities.

Meanwhile, according to the loss of firmness search visibility through off-site signals that belong to the essential nature of the search strategy (search visibility), there are some ways to enhance thought leadership campaigns that belong to the essential nature of the search strategy (search visibility).

Thought leadership content without social participation from related users is not enough to drive the continued success of the search. Thought leadership and social participation must go together.

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Increased importance of long-tail search flow

Key phrases with one or two words are expensive to top impressions and often have low conversion rates. In contrast, long-tail keyword queries tend to have higher relevance and conversion rates because they are more specific and ultimately a purchase intention product. Brands that exercise the power and influence of long-tail questions will see an increase in performance in 2021.

A 2021 study shows that 16% to 20% of daily keyword queries are keywords you have never seen before. As various applications for voice search queries are installed on mobile devices, and search engines increasingly understand the intentions of long-tail keywords, conditions are in place for these numbers to increase. It can take a significant amount of time to utilize long-tail search traffic properly, but it is an attractive direction that can yield results in the long run.

Changes in the search results display

As Google strives to be the final search destination, we can expect to see an increase in in-stream responses to sports results, weather information, and retailers’ queries. Google’s knowledge graph (Graph Knowledge) and the carousel (Carousel) function can radically change how consumer views and interacts with the search results.

Chief marketing officers should pay attention to how their brand is being exposed in the online search space as Google transforms from an information engine to a knowledge engine. 

Reduced focus on keywords and rankings

Google’s keyword search data encryption is an indicator that can help gauge changes shortly. As information consumption spreads across platforms, channels, devices, and applications, search engine optimization is more likely to lose its relevance to keywords and rankings.

As we advance, CMOs will need to make search optimization more visible to increase brand visibility across multiple areas and expand exposure to all digital spaces where potential customers can be discovered.

The increasing need for personalization

As search functions become more sophisticated, consumers will be exposed to a higher level of personalization. Each individual may see different results for the same query, depending on the geographic, psychographic, and demographic data collected from previous interactions.

Conversion will be for brands ready to offer a higher level of personalization to their customers across all search platforms. A brand’s visibility may ultimately depend on its ability to become the most prominent content marketer in the digital space.

Location-Based Keywords

Another key factor to consider to optimize the right keywords is “Location-Based Search.” Suppose you are searching for a business or service that allows a customer to visit a specific area. In most cases, you’ll put words related to the location in your search keywords. So “FRP swimming pool construction” can also be used as “Namhae FRP swimming pool construction.”

If you only have one geographic location that you can utilize, traffic from other locations is not very helpful. However, if your business operates in multiple geographical locations (e.g., Jeju branch, Namhae branch, Gangwon branch, etc.), try creating a separate web page for each location. People who search for different locations can also see your brand.

Now is the time to pick the right keywords for your business. We do not recommend guessing your keywords. Instead, we’ve prepared a way to research and find long-tail keywords that fit your business.

Check out our ten keyword research tools to quickly identify powerful long-tail keywords for search engine optimization (SEO). Hope you love reading “SEO Trends”

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