Should I Put The Rabbit Hutch Indoors Or Outdoors?

Rabbit keeping is a very popular activity worldwide, and it can be an extremely rewarding experience. Owning rabbits provides you with lots of fun and joy, but, like any other pet that requires care, there are responsibilities that come with the privilege.

Home For Rabbit:

One of these responsibilities is your animal’s home, if you plan to welcome a rabbit into your family, then this animal will need its own “home base,”. This means having bedding for him to rest on and sleep in at night; it also means giving him a location where he can eat and relieve himself when necessary.

Rabbit Hutch:

A rabbit hutch is a small, enclosed structure in which a rabbit can live. A hutch typically contains a bed for the rabbit to sleep in, a food dish, and a water dish. Hutches come in many different sizes, and some are designed to be attached to the inside of a house or barn, while others are free-standing.

Rabbit hutches are often used by people who keep their rabbits on the porch or in a yard, but some are designed to be placed inside homes or apartments. A hutch designed for an indoor rabbit should be placed somewhere that gets enough sunlight throughout the day, and it should also provide privacy for both the rabbit and its human caregivers. Hutches can be purchased from some pet supply stores or online retailers such as AIVITUVIN

To set up such a home base for your rabbit, the first step is to decide where exactly you want to put the cage or hutch. Once you have chosen a location, the other steps become much easier: just put the cage where it belongs and stock up on necessary supplies such as food and water dishes, hay rack, litter box (if needed), bedding, etc.

Keeping Hutch Indoor Or Outdoor:

One of the first things you will need to determine is whether your bunny’s home base will be part of his indoor living space or an outdoor one. Before deciding which option is right for you, there are some factors that you should consider: For example: Can your rabbit be trusted alone while you’re out? What weather conditions can he tolerate outside? How far must he be from your front door in case of emergency (fire alarm sounding, smoke coming out of the chimney, etc.)?

For indoor homes: 

If you live in a temperate weather area where there is little risk of your rabbit getting too cold or too hot no matter what time of year it is, then, by all means, put his hutch inside. This way, he will be part of your family space and even contribute to the decor. Make sure that he has access to good ventilation though – not just any window will do! Also, try to let him have some “outdoor time” every day so that he can stretch his legs and get some exercise. After all, life inside can be tiring for an animal

For outdoor homes: 

If you don’t want your rabbit to be indoors, then you will need to keep him in a hutch on the back porch or some other outdoor location where he can enjoy some sun and fresh air. Make sure that the place is big enough (5 feet by 3 feet minimum) and try to make it as comfortable as possible: install proper ventilation; give him plenty of straw bedding; build ramps, etc.

Indoor locations:

  • Basement
  • Some spare room that has an exit door and access to a sunny patio or balcony

Outdoor locations: 

  • The backyard but just remember that you will need an additional location inside your home for nighttime emergencies – such as a bathroom with no windows – because rabbits cannot live outdoors full time
  • Garage


If you are thinking about getting a rabbit, please do your research and make an informed decision. You can read more about our other blogs to make a decision. Rabbits are lovely animals that can provide years of companionship, but they are not low maintenance and they do require a lot of care. Make sure that you can provide everything your bunny needs before bringing him into your family!

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