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Shoulder Impingement Exercises

How do I know shoulder impingement?

Impingement of the shoulder is a frequent cause of shoulder pain. It’s sometimes referred to as impingement or swimmer’s shoulder because it is common among swimmers. It’s also common among other sportspeople who utilize their shoulders often like baseball players as well as softballers.

The rotator-cuff muscle is a set of tendons and muscles which connect the upper arm bone to your shoulder. They assist you in lifting and turn your arm. The rotator cuff is located just below the top of the shoulder, also known as the acromion. If you suffer from shoulder impingement, the shoulder rotator cuff is caught or is rubbing against the acromion. If you lift your arm and then lower it, you will notice that the area (bursa) that is between your acromion and the rotator-cuff shrinks, which causes pressure to increase. The pressure increases, which causes irritation to the rotator-cuff, which leads to impingement.

What are the signs?

The most prominent indication of shoulder impingement the sudden pain that occurs in your shoulder, when you lift your arm upwards or move it backwards. Other signs include:

A minor, but ongoing pain will be felt in your arm

The pain can be felt through the front of your shoulder and down the side of your arm.

The pain gets worse in the evening

arm weakness or shoulder

What are the causes?

A large number of instances of shoulder impingement can be result of excessive use. The repeated use of the shoulder may cause the tendons of your shoulder expand, causing the tendons to “catch” on your upper shoulder bone. In other instances there’s no cause for concern.

Who is at risk of getting it?

Involving your shoulders to perform over-the-shoulder or forceful movements is the most significant chance of the development of shoulder impingement. The most common causes of this include:




Jobs that require a lot of lifting or arm movement can increase the risk of injury. This includes:

construction work

Moving boxes


The aging process and previous shoulder injuries, like dislocations, are the risk factors for shoulder impingement. Certain people have an unusually-shaped the acromion, which increases the risk.

How can it be detected?

The doctor might begin with a few concerns about previous injuries and your workout routine. Then, they might request you to perform various movements with your shoulder while they examine for any unusual movements. This can assist your doctor to rule out other ailments, like pinched nerves.

In some instances there may be a need for an X-ray in order to determine if you have arthritis or look for changes in your bone like spurs that can result in impingement.

If your doctor believes that you’ve got an additional serious rotator-cuff injury or if they’re unable to determine the cause, they could employ the MRI scan to gain more information about your shoulder.

How does it work?

There are a variety of treatment options available for shoulder impingement, based on how serious your condition is.

Home care

It is crucial to rest in the treatment of shoulder impingement. Avoid vigorous exercise and any activities that can make the pain more severe. This is especially crucial when you’re an athlete.

Although it is advised not to move your shoulder excessively but you should do not use a sling to restrict your arm’s movement completely. This could cause discomfort and stiffness in your shoulder.

Place an ice pack onto your shoulder 10-15 minutes at a time every day to help reduce the pain and swelling that you may experience.

Physical Therapy

Shoulder impingement typically responds to physical therapy, which involves gentle exercises to restore flexibility and strength. Your physician can suggest an therapist that specializes with shoulder pain.

Your sessions with a physical therapist will likely be focused on your muscles of the shoulder, arm, as well as your chest. This can assist in enhancing the function of your rotator Cuff. When you’re an athletic person, or perform work that requires frequent use your shoulder or arm, your physical therapist is able to instruct you on the proper methods to minimize the chance of repeat injuries.

They could also show you an exercise that you could practice at home, which could help you get back to your fitness quicker. Make sure that you don’t overdo it.


Injecting nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) may help to decrease shoulder pain and swelling. If these medicines, in conjunction with rest and ice, aren’t able to reduce your pain, your doctor may suggest steroid injections in order to decrease swelling and discomfort.


If the other treatment options don’t seem to work, you could require surgery to expand the area around your rotator the cuff. It allows it to move around freely without scratching the bone. This is typically performed using minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, however more serious cases might require traditional open surgery. A recent study has challenged the value of removing bone solely to prevent impingement.

In very rare, severe situations of shoulder impingement the rotator cuff may tear. If this happens, you’ll require surgery to repair your tear.

Following any surgical procedure for your shoulders, you might require a short period of wearing some form of arm restraint. Your orthopedic surgeon will advise you when you are able to take off the sling.

Time to recover

Shoulder impingement typically takes between three and six months to completely heal. In more serious cases, it can take as long as a year to recover. However, most people can return to normal routine within 2 to 4 weeks. Make sure to regularly consult with your physician to ensure that you’re not overdoing it. This could prolong the time to recover or cause other injuries.

Exercise do’s and don’ts

In the course of recovering from shoulder impingement, it is recommended that you must avoid all activities which require throwing, especially in a noisy environment for example, baseball, tennis, or softball. It is also recommended to be wary of certain forms of weightliftinglike overhead presses or pull-downs. If you’re a swimmer you must take a few days away from your training in order to allow your recovery process to develop.

While it’s crucial not to strain your shoulders too much, you may perform some gentle exercise to strengthen your rotator-cuff and stretch the muscles of your shoulder, arm and chest.

Do this exercise:

Keep your arms by your sides with your palms are facing toward the direction of your palms. Press your shoulder blades into each other and hold it for 5-10 seconds. Repeat several times.

Your arm should be straight towards the front and then move it forward using just your shoulders. Move your shoulder to the back of your head as far as you can, without shifting your neck back or forward or bent your arm.

Lay on your side that is not affected and bend your upper arm to 90 degrees. Keep your elbow in your hip, and then rotate your lower arm upwards towards the ceiling. Repeat 10-20 times.

In a hallway, by holding the other side of the frame, keeping your arm just below shoulder level. Retract your upper body from that arm until sense a slight stretch and then keep it there.

If one of these exercises causes discomfort, stop performing the exercises or do them for a longer period of duration.

The shoulder impingement syndrome

Although shoulder impingement can cause pain and interfere with everyday activities the majority of patients recover completely within some months. In the majority of cases, it’s just some time off and physical therapy. If they don’t offer relief it could be necessary to undergo surgery, which could take a couple of months off the recovery process.


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