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Shower Whistle and How to Deal with This Annoying Sound

Nothing can be more annoying than being pestered by a whistling or squeaking or roaring sound while you’re enjoying the shower on a nice Monday morning. But before you ask yourself where the irritating sound is coming from, think about how old the shower is.

Perhaps, it’s time to retire it and buy a new one? One thing is for sure – there’s a plumbing issue and for that reason, just have your best emergency plumber Melbourne contractor come over and check the entire assembly for an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

According to experts, a whistling shower can be due to a plethora of factors, from a loose valve or screw to a blocked shower valve due to debris or mineral build-up to shower valve or showerhead just simply wearing out because of ageing, and a lot more.  So, how do you deal with it?

Here are several steps on how to solve the weird sound issue.

Seek assistance from a plumber

If you don’t have any idea how to disassemble the showerhead fixture, by all means, let an experienced plumber do it. Once the individual parts are dismantled, it would then be easy to determine what the real cause of the problem is.

If the shower valve is blocked, the plumber could easily remove the mineral build-up in the form of limescale plus all other debris. All parts should be cleaned before putting them back together.

FYI, limescale, which is mostly calcium carbonate, is a chalky deposit that accumulates overtime on the inner portion of old pipes. Once it thickens, blockage occurs.

When water can hardly pass through a restricted passage and the water pressure is high, a squeaking sound is produced. Your plumber should know how to clean it thoroughly by using white vinegar solution which can dissolve limescale. Vinegar is non-abrasive therefore no harm can be done to your pipes.

Replace your worn out and defective showerhead

There’s no forever when it comes to material resources, especially plumbing materials. Truth is, different minerals are found in the water supply and whatever is building up inside the shower can wear out its inner parts. With daily use, your shower may not last longer as expected.

To assure you of an enjoyable rinsing whatever time of day you shower, go, buy a new showerhead. Besides showerheads, worn-out valves also need replacement.

Contact the water supply company

If the water pressure in your shower is unusually high, the right thing to do is to notify the company that’s supplying you with water. Then again, if you know where to find the valve leading to the shower then you may adjust it to the right setting.

As you know, valve systems can be complicated, and fixing them can give you a hard time. But just to be on the safe side, always contact the right professionals in Melbourne.

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