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11 Best Skateboard Brands for Beginners

If you’ve never ridden a skateboard, but have dreams of grinding rails, landing kick-flips, or cruising across campus… Read everything about Skateboard Brands for Beginners below.

It’s probably time to start looking for a board to ride!

There’s a learning curve when starting any new hobby, and walking around a skate shop can be overwhelming when you don’t know what to look for. Doing a little homework ahead of time can save you a ton of trouble when picking out your new ride.

We’ve outlined 11 of the best skateboard brands for beginners so that you can hit the streets in no time!

What To Consider Before Buying a Skateboard

You might think that a skateboard is just a skateboard, but not all are created equal. There’s usually a different skateboard for every occasion, depending on factors such as your height, weight, and intended use.


There’s a different size skateboard deck for everyone, depending on your height or shoe size. 

For example, if your shoe size is eight or higher, you should be able to handle a full-sized skateboard deck. If your feet are smaller, you might be more well-equipped with a medium, mini, or micro-sized deck. 

Check out this sizing chart to see what would be best for you. 


You may not be building your board from the ground up, but if you choose your own wheels — there’s something you should know. The harder your wheels are, the faster you’ll go, while softer wheels will help to grip the surface of the pavement better. 


Typically, your skateboard trucks will need to be proportional to your deck. If you’re buying from a skate shop, make sure to ask them what they would recommend. 

Some trucks are designed for larger wheels than others, so check out this guide to make sure yours will be a good fit

Will You Cruise on a Longboard or Hit the Half-Pipe?

If you want to practice tricks or drop in on half-pipes, you should consider getting yourself a standard-style skateboard. If you’re more interested in long rides down the street, a longboard or cruiser style will better suit your needs. 

Now let’s take a look at 11 of the best skateboard brands for beginners. 

1. Santa Cruz

It’s rare to talk about skateboards without hearing the Santa Cruz brand come up. Santa Cruz is based in — you guessed it — Santa Cruz, California, and has been providing skateboarders with gear and apparel since 1973. 

You might recognize the classic screaming-hand logo, which you’ll still find printed on many of their decks. Whether you’re interested in a standard deck, a cruiser, or a longboard, Santa Cruz has you covered with complete boards, as well as parts. 

2. Element

Element, whose parent company is Quicksilver, is another major player in the skateboard game. The company was started in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff and moved to Costa Mesa, California, by 2014. 

If you’re interested in a completely standard setup, you won’t have any trouble finding one on their website or in most skate shops. They’ve also got decks, wheels, and trucks sold separately if you’d like to build your own ride. 

Element’s Volcanic Complete Skateboard is a great option for anyone starting out. 

3. Enjoi

Enjoi is another American skateboard company providing enthusiasts with high-quality complete boards, decks, accessories, and apparel. Enjoi’s boards are also very affordable when compared to other big brands. 

If you’re looking around your local skate shop, you can recognize Enjoi boards by their panda bear logo and purchase one with confidence. 

Enjoi a simple setup, and take the Whitey Panda Complete out for a ride!

4. Stoked 

There’s no reason not to get Stoked about this skateboard brand. They’re another California-based company devoted to providing you with high-quality custom boards. 

You won’t have any trouble finding standard boards, cruisers, or longboards. Plus, there are plenty of unique prints to get you excited about hitting the pavement and cruising to the skatepark.

For a basic Stoked setup, take a look at the Stoked Ride Shop Blank, which comes in multiple sizes.

5. Real

Real skateboards ranked #1 on skatedeluxe.com in 2017 and they haven’t sacrificed quality since. This company is dedicated to providing skaters with boards suitable for all kinds of tricks and skatepark ventures. 

Real uses thicker plywood, making their decks stronger and more durable. You might feel a bit more weight, but it’s a worthy sacrifice given the added pop that comes along with a sturdier board. 

However, you won’t find trucks or wheels here unless you go to a shop in person!

6. Anti Hero 

Anti Hero started making boards in the mid ‘90s and quickly sponsored a hefty list of pro skaters, including: 

  • John Cardiel
  • Frank Gerwer
  • Tony Trujillo

Today, the company maintains a boutique catalog of decks featuring beautiful artwork and outstanding quality. 

Check out their Curb Riot Team series or McNett Totems Pro Series decks to get an idea of the level of quality. 

7. Toy Machine

Toy Machine was started in 1993 by Ed Templeton and currently sponsors pro skaters like Blake Carpenter and Jeremy Leabres. 

You won’t have any trouble finding a board that will last you for years, like their Monster 8.0 or the Vice Monster Mini — if you’re a little bit shorter. 

8. Globe 

Globe International is a shoe, skateboard, and apparel company based in Australia. Globe has options for you whether you’re looking for a street board, a cruiser, or a longboard.

If you’re just getting started, they have complete boards of all shapes and sizes, like their Big Blazer 32” or any of their G1 Stack models. 

9. Prism

Prism specializes in creating unique skateboards for any occasion. You won’t find much standard gear here, so if you like to be different, you’ve found the right brand for you! 

They primarily offer cruisers and longboards but also have two very unique boards designed for streets and pools. 

Check out the Prism Monolith 34.75″ or the Prism Tallboy to give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into!

10. Sector 9

Sector 9 specializes in all things skateboarding, so you’ll be able to find decks, trucks, wheels, and complete setups without a problem. 

If you’re looking for something you can jump on right out of the box, check out the Bambino Skipper or the Ft. Point Eden. 

When it comes to these boards, you’re definitely getting what you pay for!

11. Z-Flex

Z-Flex skateboards were born on the streets of Santa Monica, California, and served as a pioneer in wheel design. You’ll find that Z-Flex boards ride a little bit smoother. 

Check out some of their more popular models, like the Shadow Lurker 29” or the Bamboo Pintail. 


Whether you want to start skateboarding or you’re on the hunt for a gift, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect board from any one of these brands. Hope you love reading about Skateboard Brands for Beginners.

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