7 Popular Snacks to Keep You Energized on Your Hiking Trips

If you’re an outdoor adventurer or traveller, you need healthy snacks to keep you energized and alert on your hikes and kayaking trips.


Hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor adventures get the adrenaline pumping. Yes, it’s exhilarating, but it’s also physically draining if you’re not careful.

These activities are some of the best ways to get your family together to make memories. They’re excellent workouts and resiliency builders. 

However, as the organizer of them, you need to make sure you’re packing the right snacks for these activities.

Keeping the perfect amount of hydration, salt intake, and calories is the key to a successful trip. Don’t load up on junk food and sodas. Instead, look into these outdoor “snacktivities” for your next adrenaline adventure. Read about Snacks to Keep You Energized.

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1. Nuts (Not Just for Squirrels)

When your offspring are going a little, well, squirrelly from hunger, nuts could be just the right solution!

The majority of shelled nuts, regardless of the kind, are lightweight but densely packed with nutrition. In fact, they have so much of what you need for a long day outside that they’re often termed “a backpacker’s best friend.

Nuts are easy to grab in handfuls when you start to feel hungry. The protein in them fills you up fast, and they have a lot of healthy carbs and calories. You need both of these if you’re going to be active for a while.

Sodium is another essential ingredient when you’re in the sun for long periods. You sweat and lose salt through your skin. Sodium deficiency can be deadly, and eating nuts keeps you from having to worry about this problem.

2. Granola 

Granola is another quick and easy snack. It’s full of healthy calories, protein, and fiber, not to mention dozens of other nutrients.

Since it’s high in fiber and protein, it fills you up longer. Mixing it with nuts and seeds boosts both of those nutrients for a day of energy-fueled fun.

Take caution with this treat, though. Mixing it with sweeteners like dried fruit makes it more enjoyable but adds to the sugar content.

Picky eaters? Make it a dessert!

Mix granola with yogurt and freeze it ahead of time. When you get to your activity site, hand the bars out as a quick snack. It’s cool and refreshing, and you know they’re getting their all-day energy fix.

3. Lunch Sandwiches

Throwing together sandwiches for a midday meal is the easiest thing to do when you’re in the middle of the lake or woods. There’s no cooking or cleanup involved.

On top of that, everything is lightweight and easy to carry.

Since you want your co-adventurers to have plenty of energy and not deal with the after-carb crash, be careful about what you pack. Any bread should be whole grain, and condiments need to be low in sugar. 

When even one person in your family gets “hangry,” you need a fix, STAT. These lunch ideas are easy to pack and carry, and they’re ready in a flash, before hungry turns into cranky:

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Nut Butter

No one likes a soggy sandwich, but carrying bulky jars of peanut butter and jelly is a hassle. 

Nut butter is almost the same thing as peanut butter, but it’s much healthier. If you want to make your sandwiches ahead of time, this one is less soggy.

Sliced or Pulled Chicken

Similar to the peanut butter and jelly issue, loading your sandwich with mayo and mustard makes it soggy. Pre-packaged meats are full of preservatives and fillers, too. 

For the most nutrition, cook your own chicken ahead of time. Slice or pull it into pieces and store it in a lightweight container. Pour some condiments into travel-size containers.

Hummus and Veggies

Of course, we know the benefits of vegetables. But your crew might not be thrilled with snacking on raw carrots and broccoli.

Add some hummus for a dip, and you now have plant-based protein and high fiber for a filling meal. No added sugars mean your lunch is totally healthy!

4. Jerky

Another quick and easy hunger-killer is jerky. And no, we’re not talking about “snapping into a Slim Jim” — dried meat has come a long way since those commercials were on TV. 

Now, making your own jerky out of game is a common hobby. You can also buy tons of varieties at the store. From teriyaki-flavored to vegan, it’s not just a wrestler’s snack anymore.

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Jerky is lightweight and easy to store. It’s usually made from meats or high-protein plants, making it perfect for endurance activities like hiking and kayaking.

Low sugar and healthy carbs keep you from getting that after-meal crash. 

5. Trail Mix

When you want an easy, yummy snack but also want to know what’s in it, making your own trail mix is the way to go.

The cool part about trail mix is that there are so many ways to make it! Of course, there are pre-packaged varieties, but when you make your own, you have control over the ingredients.

A good trail mix has a balance of nuts, legumes, and dried fruit. You can add chocolate for a bit of an extra sweetener. Pretzels or rye chips give it texture.

You don’t have to worry about picky eaters when you make your own. Pour a little of everyone’s favorites into their own bag, label them, and let them enjoy their treat throughout the day.


It’d be wonderful if you could snap your fingers or wrinkle your nose and have everything ready for your outdoor trip. But if that’s not your schtick, you can still work magic with your snacks.

These five easy foods will give your crew the nutrients they need to carry them through the entire day. Water and nutritious food plus a fun day equal the perfect “snacktivity!” Hope you love reading “Snacks to Keep You Energized”

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