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Social Listening The Netbase Quid Way

Brands may use social listening to track, interpret, and react to discussions regarding them on social media. It’s an essential part of audience study.

Defining Social Listening

It is following your social media accounts for brand mentions and dialogues, then examining them for clues that will enable you to take action.

How To Implement Social Listening

Keep an eye on social media for comments about your company, rivals, products, and business-related keywords.

Examine the data for ways to bring what you’ve learned into practice. It may be as simple as reacting to a pleased customer or as complex as changing the whole brand positioning.

It may seem similar to social media monitoring at first glance, but the two definitions are vastly different.

Keeping an Eye on Social Media Metrics

While social media tracking merely collects information on metrics like brand mentions, related hashtags, competitor mentions, and market trends, social listening looks past the digits to understand the circumstance behind the data.

This will assist you in determining how people perceive you and your rivals. It’s not all about keeping track of how many times your brand is listed. Maintaining a close eye on social media opinion is an important aspect of social media listening.

The Importance of Social Listening

If you’re not utilizing social media listening, you’re missing out on a lot of vital information.

In reality, you might be overlooking a key piece of information regarding your brand, which is currently being discussed. You’re curious about what others are thinking about you.

Your customers are communicating with you about what they’d like from your business. If you care for them, you can look into the perspectives that social listening can provide.

This strategy allows you to interact with consumers in real-time, handle emergencies, and monitor feelings. You’ll be able to see which posts are working for your brand and which aren’t.

Look for the source of low sentiment and make adjustments as soon as possible, such as removing a problematic post or issuing an apology for an offensive post.

Competitors Should Be Followed

You must be aware of what others are saying about your rivals. This provides crucial information about your position in the business. You’ll also get real-time updates about what your rivals are up to.

Listening socially enables you to learn about potential opportunities and challenges when they arise, allowing you to prepare and react appropriately.

Determine Who The Influencers And Advocates Are

Monitoring the debate on social media, which speaks to your industry, can help you figure out who the leading influencers are. This is a crucial group of people to communicate with.

They may have a significant impact on the way their followers think about you—and even your rivals, as the word suggests.

You’ll even come across people who already adore your brand and have been raving about it on social media. There are genuine brand evangelists. Make contact with them to see if there are any ways to collaborate.

A Market Intelligence Monitoring Leader

Netbase Quid offers continuous market intelligence tracking to a wide range of companies, including those in the technology, banking, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries.

The business employs credible research techniques with a squad of trained analysts and pundits who track industry evolutions, patterns, and competitor tactics to meet the needs of individual organizations.

Netbase Quid notifies you of important industry events as they occur, giving you the foresight you need to react.

Finally, it’s all about what you’re listening for when it comes to social listening. This entails selecting the appropriate keywords for your company.

The keywords and subjects you track will almost certainly change over time. Therefore, you’ll learn the types of words individuals use when they speak about your company and industry using listening methods. You’ll also begin to notice which types of remarks are more beneficial to you.


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