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Why Social Media Content Calendars are Essential? – Amir Articles

Wondering why social media content calendars are important? We have the benefits of using them to up your social media marketing strategy.


Content marketing is the go-to strategy for the majority of businesses today. If you aren’t using social media to market your business, you’re missing out. There’s a vast audience out there — one that could change the trajectory of your company.

Using social media randomly, though, isn’t enough to maximize your business’s presence. You need a content calendar set up ahead of time to be the most effective. 

In fact, many business owners say that using a content calendar helps them save time and improves their marketing strategy. Because using a calendar forces you to plan and visualize what you’re going to post, you can look ahead. This lets you watch for important events you can include in your calendar and market your posts specifically toward your goals.

Think about your day if you didn’t have a calendar to remind you of all your appointments and tasks. You might remember them, but it would also be chaotic and stressful.

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The same idea applies to posting your social media content. With a calendar to organize you, you can reap the benefits of a marketing strategy that is effective and streamlined. 

Not sold on it yet? These five advantages to social media content calendars will have you wondering why you aren’t already using one for your business!

1. Your Strategy and Goals Become One

When you create a business marketing strategy, of course, you’re planning for the success of your company. But when you don’t purposely sit down and align it with your goals, it’s easy to lose focus.

Before you start your content calendar planning, sit down and set your action steps for your goals for the future. These should include one-month, three-month, six-month, and one-year goals.

Once you do that, you can design a social media posting strategy that aligns with these business goals. When you’re proactive about meeting your targets, you’re more likely to hit them on time or even ahead of schedule!

2. You Put in Time Upfront Instead of All Month

Sitting down to plan your content calendar takes a lot of time upfront, yes. But when you have it all organized and ready to go, you can schedule everything and take the rest of the month off!

There are lots of nifty scheduling tools available to make the job easier for you. When you know what’s out there, you can play around with the programs and decide what works and what doesn’t.

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For instance, these scheduling tools have free and paid-for options that anyone can use:

  • Sprout SocialSmall businesses and mega-corporations alike use this program. It helps you to plan your content and get it organized. Sprout Social shows you how to schedule and deliver it where it needs to go when it’s ready.
  • AirtableIf you work with a team to plan your content, Airtable helps make communication simple. With it, you and your team can work together to plan, schedule, and deliver future posts.
  • Post PlannerWhen you start learning about social media posting, you’ll see there are many nuances. Post Planner takes you deeper into content planning and helps you learn things like the best times to post, hashtags, and keywords.

As you work through your first couple of months of content planning, you’ll see where your strengths and weaknesses are. Then you can look for the right scheduling tools to help you fill in the gaps.

3. Your Customers Get to Know What to Expect

Consistency is the key to success in any business. With social media content planning, your consistent posting helps your customers know what to expect.

It’s essential to pay attention to the engagement and reactions of your posts over the first few months. Your scheduling tool should be able to track the metrics so you can adjust your strategies.

Some of the most popular content for many businesses include:

  • A weekly interactive series
  • Shares and retweets
  • Contests and giveaways
  • How-to’s
  • Short videos

Whatever you post, make sure your brand’s voice is present. Over time, the consistency of the content and voice you schedule will build your business’s reputation.

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4. Audience Engagement Increases

When your posts are consistent, you already have improved audience engagement.

Add to this consistency the time you get to spend understanding your audience, and your engagement will skyrocket, too. You’ll watch for patterns and track the best times to grab your audience’s attention. 

It’s not always about the content itself. The time and days you go live with your scheduled posts matter, too. As you tweak your schedule to adjust for your target followers’ time online, you’ll be increasing the chances of engagement.

When you figure out the magical formula for content and release times to give you the best engagement, keep tracking it. As long as it’s working according to the metrics, don’t change your strategy!

5. You Stay Focused on the Future

A business’s goals should focus on both short and long-term. But as you’re getting started, it’s common to be dealing with urgent, hot-burner issues and short-term needs.

With a calendar, you’re always looking ahead. Once you know what you’re doing for the month, you can turn your attention to your long-term posting.

The first few months will require a lot of metric studying, adjusting, and tweaking until you find a system that works. But after that, your content almost creates itself.

Instead of taking a break, you can start looking into future events and planning big projects. Is there a holiday coming up on the horizon that you want to do something special for? Do you want to have a contest you need to plan?

This is the perfect opportunity to plan out instead of wing your next big event. It’s all made possible because you’re using your social media content calendar to its maximum potential.


Having a busy schedule for your business is a great problem! It means you’re building success, and the momentum is taking off. 

But without a calendar to remind you of the crucial tasks you have going on, your business could quickly start to sink. The social media posts in your marketing strategy operate the same way.

Organizing your social media with a content calendar opens you up to advantages you might not even realize exist. It’s an essential piece of your business strategy that you should start using today.

Author bio:

Caitlin Sinclair is the Property Manager at Broadstone 25 One 20 with five years of property management experience and many more in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community and looks forward to making Broadstone 25 One 20 the place to call home.

Caitlin Sinclair

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