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Electric Bike Melbourne: 5 Spectacular Benefits of E-Bikes

According to Markets, the e-bike market was estimated to be worth over AUD51 billion in 2020. Read about Spectacular Benefits of E-Bikes.


Are you looking for an electric bike? According to Markets, the e-bike market was estimated to be worth over AUD51 billion in 2020. This includes various options such as classic style, mountain bike,  kids cycle as well as electric bike Melbourne. As the name suggests, this bike is partly powered by electricity, unlike traditional bicycles. However, you might be surprised by how many benefits you can get from electric bikes, including the following:

Boost Fitness

While electric bikes make it easier to pedal, you’ll still get a good workout. A recent Swiss study found that you can improve fitness just as much with an e-bike versus a traditional bike. How is this possible since the electric version is pedal-assisted? You’re still getting a physical workout with pedalling as from a stationary bike.

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Fast Biking

You can also experience this benefit with old-school bikes. The big difference is you can cover more distance with e-bikes due to the speed being technology-boosted instead of pedalling alone.

If you already use traffic-free multi-purpose cycle lanes or paths, you can still use them while reducing your commute time. These lanes have become popular in recent years as many city dwellers are looking for more eco-friendly transport options.

This is definitely a practical option since bicycles produce no emissions. It’s an easy and practical way to reduce your carbon footprint.  


E-bikes are considered zero-emissions and are fueled by clean energy. If you want to reduce carbon emissions and global warming, then electric bikes are for you.

The main benefit of these bikes is they don’t use fossil fuels like gas or diesel. The average energy rate is up to 1,500 watts, while a car uses about 10x that amount. This is why these bikes are classified as eco-friendly.

Pedal Assist

This is the battery-powered feature of e-bikes. It’s actually a built-in mechanism that helps the biker. The most apparent benefit is you’ll need to exert less effort to pedal the bike.

However, that’s just one of the benefits of pedal assist. It also helps to reduce stress and impact on the thighs and knees. This feature can benefit bikers in general. On the other hand, it’s beneficial for people with health conditions that affect those body parts.

Some models even include special boost technology so you can tackle inclines and hills easily. Anyone who’s ridden manual bikes knows that these are the most challenging terrains, even if you pedal while standing up. The more energy you save while biking, the farther your bike rides can be.

Save Money

While the initial cost of e-bikes is generally higher than traditional bikes, it’s still a lot cheaper than purchasing a car or truck. The cost of fossil fuels is quite high. For example, the average price of gas in Australia is AUD1.7. The total costs of maintaining a vehicle can add up quickly when you total other expenses like oil changes, car repairs, and so on.

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On the other hand, e-bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries.  A single charge can give you up to 50 miles. Then you can simply recharge the battery, unlike in a car where you purchase fuel continuously.

If you want to enjoy biking that’s easier on your legs and thighs, then consider electric bike Melbourne. You can get benefits like pedal assist, fast biking, and cost savings. These bikes provide many of the same features as traditional bikes, plus some new ones that make it ‘Biking 2.0’.

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