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Habits To Help You Spend Less Time On Social Media

Social media is the best way to stay connected with your loved ones and keep up with the latest celebrities, brands, and publications. Spending too much time on social media can distract you from being productive. Read how to “Spend Less Time On Social Media” Reducing the usage of social media can help you concentrate on other more important things. It can also help to reduce the cost you might have spent buying data.

Here are some of the tips that can help you to spend less time on social media.

1. Change The Location Of Social Media Apps On Your Phone

Many people spend more time on platforms like Facebook and Instagram without knowing how they get there. They know the location of the social media apps on their phones, hence making them click on the apps without their realizations.

Changing the phone’s establishment in the phone will distract you from clicking on the app every time. To break the automatic motion, consider keeping apps on the last page to prevent you from connecting them.

2. Spend An Hour A Week On At Least One Screen-Free Hobby

You need to pick one of the free hobbies and spend at least one hour on it daily. Doing so will make you forget about social media and hence make you spend less time. You can engage yourself in planting a flower garden, reading a book, or playing music. You can add more time once you have found something you enjoy.

If you don’t want distractions from the phone during hobby time, you can consider joining SoundCloud. You only need to get some SoundCloud plays for your uploads. When you post on such a platform, you earn from ads and well-wishers. That will be helpful than accessing content that might not be useful online.

3. Leave Your Phone Outside The Bedroom

Leaving your phone outside the bedroom will help you have enough sleep since there is no distraction from the phone. If you want to have a nap during the day, ensure that you put your phone away from where you are sleeping to prevent the temptation of checking your phone. Trying to go from spending two hours a day to twenty minutes all at once is possibly unrealistic. You can cut off ten minutes from your daily routine and check in a week to see how far you have come.

4. Do A Digital Detox

Limiting your online time might not be effective if your scrolling keeps you anxious. It is essential to take a break when you are addicted to social media. If you limit yourself to an hour of social media a day, you might continue thinking about your phone every time. It would help if you took a digital detox for a few days to taste offline life.

You will see the benefit of a less hectic morning or quiet evening away from your phone when you return online. You will find out that you didn’t miss as much as you thought. To do an effective digital detox, here are some of the ways to follow:

  •  Get busy with something else: The best way to spend your digital detox is not all about sitting down and thinking about your phone. Use your detox time to listen to music, start a project or read a book.
  •  Get your phone out of sight: It is much easier to take a digital break when your phone is not easily accessible. It will help if you keep your phone away for an effective digital detox.
  •  Don’t give up: Don’t always give when you find yourself logging back into social media. To understand your social media addiction, you need to use your relapse experience.
  •  Log out of your social media account and delete your social apps: Getting social media accounts off your phone will make it hard to access and make it easier to detox.


If you involve yourself working on social media platforms, you can easily justify your hours by knowing that you are working. You can easily measure your follower’s count when your social media is your brand. Ways to be more effective on social media for your business:

  • Choose your platform wisely: you don’t need to spread yourself; instead, have one robust platform. Earlier we talked about joining SoundCloud. Getting some SoundCloud plays is in fact a very important part of your social media marketing.
  • Set goals for your social media and have a strategy: you need to make a plan once you have narrowed your goals to achieve your objectives.

Final Thoughts

Social media is not problematic, although the amount of time spent can be an issue. Most efficient people have found ways to overcome procrastination and other challenges, making them highly productive.

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