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Spiritual Awakening – How It Reveals Itself?

What is Spiritual Awakening or Waking Up?

What exactly is a spiritual awakening, and is there a way you can tell if you are having one? You can read more on transformational intuitive life coach about it.

The word “awakened” is now part of the urban dictionary defined as “spiritually aware of the universe and [its] direct metaphysical connection to one’s own being and the connection it has to all life forces.” 

According to Amirah Hall, awakening happens when you begin to realize there’s more to you and the world around you than your physical reality. It’s where you shift your focus from the past and future to being aware of yourself feeling an interconnecting to everything around you.  

You begin searching for deeper meaning and understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Have you had a spiritual awakening?  Or maybe you just have a strong yearning to–more answers to life, having purpose, more fulfillment, more connection or more of your true self? 

With the onset of the pandemic and global lockdowns over the past year, there are a growing number of people who have been having similar experiences where they were forced to re-evaluate their lives, ask what’s important to them, their direction in life, and start to address some deeper existential and spiritual questions that are coming up for them that cannot be ignored.

Many colleagues and clients, have shared their stories about their own experiences of spiritual awakening and how it led them to the path of deeper self-discovery and searching for support and Initiation.

Sometimes it’s an event or series of events that leads you to start looking and seeking more beyond the physical. Sometimes it’s even a gradual unfoldment, happening over time and then becomes an insatiable urge or desire.  Here’s a few of triggers and repeating patterns I see with my clients. It’s easy to Helps Women Re-Invent The Next Chapter of Their Lives if they follow our guidelines.



This was definitely a trigger for me back in 1991. Even though I called myself a “seeker” my whole life and classified myself as a “spiritual but not religious” dabbler for many years, the death of my dad and my own divorce catapulted me into a strong motivation for moving forward and committing to a spiritual path. 

My seven-year marriage ended in 1991, my Dad died within 6 months and then a doctor diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and suggested I go home and make final preparations for my own death. He told me that I would either die or end up living life from a wheelchair and I slipped into a very deep dark depression for months. The pain was so intense pushing me to a breaking point where I felt I had no option but to commit to my own healing and my spiritual progression in a whole new way. 

Break-ups can literally crack you open and prompt you to question how to be more authentic and love yourself, heal deep, hidden wounds and patterns, and reveal answers and deeper meaning of what life is all about. 

It was also a break-up for Betty G, from Connecticut, who remembers, “I was always against God and religion for most of life. After a horrible breakup with my fiance, I heard this voice in my head that was clearly not my own, nudging me. I sensed there was something else at happening inside me. It led me to start looking and dabbling for spiritual information. I began asking more questions and noticing more synchronicities, repeating numbers, and more interesting phenomenon. I really wanted to talk about it with others, but I was surrounded mostly by other atheists and didn’t have anyone to relate to, so I started looking for a spiritual community of other seekers.”

Sometimes, it’s a death of a loved one that gets us thinking and questioning about life beyond the physical and can even lead to some eye-opening experiences.  Karla Abbott, in Ontario, Canada, shared, “My spiritual awakening began when my dad died. I started asking ‘Why are we here? What is my purpose? Who is God?” Karla reached out to me on Facebook and during a session I channeled her father’s spirit, “I love you more than life itself. You were always my little peanut, now you are sheading your shell. I lived my life for you…I will never leave you.”  I never spoke with Karla before that day and didn’t know her situation but she later shared that since that day, she truly feels her Dad is always with her. Since that day Karla continued her spiritual practice and intuitive development unfolded  



Some people struggle for years on their healing journey only to get minimal results or worse yet to succumb to mainstream dogma that keeps them in a loop of continuous scans. I can personally relate to the struggle and the run-around entrenched inside our medical system. 

Other than having the common childhood illnesses, I was healthy my whole life. It wasn’t until my dad died, my own divorce that I began struggling with flu-like symptoms that never stopped for months. In 1991, my doctor diagnosed it as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with no cure. I grappled with unexplained symptoms with digestion, rashes, brain fog, low energy to name a few. I had all the autoimmune-like conditions that were painful and debilitating, including extreme eczema and depression. I dappled with various energy healing modalities, made a commitment to meditation, yoga and ‘quiet time’ and drew me into a deeper awareness of the unseen world and my existence before this physical life. 

Then in 1998, during my Near-Death Experience I began to understand the deeper reasons for my illnesses, which were not being remedied by traditional medical treatment. I discovered what was later called ‘quantum physics’ but didn’t have words to explain it. I sensed it. I saw it in my mind’s eye and the replay still plays in my head to this day. “Everything is Energy. All my emotions directly affected my physical body.” That’s when I began the journey of a deeper understanding of the aspects of my energy field for healing that I first openly shared in my 2009 book “WAKE UP – Shift Happens! 

For Dr. Eunice, from Michigan, struggled with her own a chronic illness that ultimately led to having her own spiritual awakening. “I am a researcher at heart and became a Naturopathic Doctor. It was my own search for my own relief of a chronic condition that guided me to where I’m at today. My initial goal was to fix my own problem, find solutions naturally because western medicine didn’t have any. As a single mother, I had a burning desire to get better, regain control of my life so I could be a better mother for my daughter. That was my main driving force. In time I began to realize that there was more to being human than what was measurable in the physical world. After 2 years of being sick, that started during medical school, my own doctors told me that there was nothing they could do. They told me it would get worse, not better and to get used to it. That was the motivator that pushed me to look for more alternatives, alternative medical school was the beginning and then I realized there was something bigger, beyond where I was currently seeing. That’s when I began looking deeper at spirituality as a potential path for my healing.”

For Angie A, from California, it was many years spent looking for healing without finding results. “I searched for a number of years to heal myself from 25 years of trauma and recurring PTSD. Modern psychology failed me. That pushed me on a personal quest for answers and a path that felt right for me. I discovered Reiki, got attuned, but it just wasn’t enough. I wanted to heal the energetic aspects of my trauma. I knew from searching that every imbalance and disease starts in the energetic before it starts in the physical. I was very committed to finding my path and I found Amirah Hall and her teachings that felt like a modern-day mystery school.”

For others their spiritual awakening can be a triggered by a sudden physical event or injury. For Joan, a clinical psychologist in Utah, it began with a brain tumor and delicate surgery that opened her up to sensing and feeling energies. “It was something that no one ever imagines will happen to them. Over time I started losing my balance and my vision got weird. At the same time, I was started to feel energies of other people when they came close to me. I had already been somewhat aware of energy but my science mind decided not to go there because it Just seemed whacko, woo-woo.

Strangely, I started sensing energy rushing through me–at times it felt like snakes were crawling around me. My doctor explained these strange symptoms were caused by pressure from the tumor on some nerves inside my brains. But this continued after my surgery, so I cried out to Jesus and the Holy Spirit and actually felt angels to help me. I don’t remember how I found Amirah Hall. I was bedridden for a while, spending hours Googling how to open my 3rd eye to see these beings. I started being more aware of spirit and everything. My dreams intensified and I got the message to look for a mentor who could help me understand what was happening. After working with Amirah, I joined her Spiritual Journey to Egypt and I could literally feel the magic in the air. I thought I was seeing granite statues smile at me…was I was crazy?  Nope… my health continues to improve and life is so much more fascinating.”

Joylene from Detroit, Michigan shares about a life-changing car accident. “In January 2015, although I was already questioning and pondering how my life had reached its capacity and what else I was here to do, I was in a car accident that was a defining moment. I was driving my car and had a head on collision. In that brief moment before impact, I felt myself getting ready to go through the windshield then felt two hands on my shoulders. I sensed it was my grandmother who had recently passed. Her brother who also died a few years ago was standing next to her. In that moment, I just knew…It’s not time and they pulled me back from the windshield. 

The car was totally wrecked. I was bleeding from the airbag impact. I just knew I was alive for a reason. I had been saved by my departed family so that I could continue my journey. I felt their support and as other people arrived to help me there was a man who pulled me out of my car and grabbled purse and stuff. The unfolding sequence of events triggered me believing in God and the angels again. That’s when I started seeking out a spiritual path and remembering spiritual memories and insights I had years before. It was really a WAKE UP call for me and a few months later my friend forwarded me an email she received from Amirah Hall. I know I’m here to gain a deeper awareness of who I am and ways to serve humanity on a deeper level.”



Not all spiritual awakenings are dramatic or traumatic but they can be sudden moments of realization and opening that happen in a moment. After those moments you find yourself being led to finding and seeking out spiritual awakening, deeper understanding and answers to bigger questions.

For Elizabeth in Dubai, it was a heart-opening moment while on vacation. “I was in Bali and was having a massage and it was if heart was open so big, I had an experience of what I call the Holy Spirit where I felt filled completely with light. I wasn’t seeking God…I just followed my intuition. When I came home, I found Amirah Hall and started working with her to understand what was happening. I felt a gradual unfolding process happening where I felt more and more love and compassion. It was if my heart was opening like a giant flower and this encouraged me to continue with Chakra Mastery training.”

It was also a gradual opening, awakening and questioning after a self-realization moment for Sandi, from Germany.  “I struggled with suicidal thoughts for almost 20 years and I blamed everyone else for my problems. One day I was sitting by the ocean and I suddenly became aware of what I was doing and decided to LIVE instead of just to survive. I began searching for more in life and begged God on many occasions to give me more than just a “normal life.”  I started looking for me, the me underneath all the bullshit. I started questioning “who am I”, “why am I here”, “what am I supposed to be doing here?”

For Belinda in Seattle, it happened for her literally overnight from watching a film!  She recalls, “I watched the movie The Secret and What The Bleep…it was like an alarm clock blaring in my life that triggered my search for answers to a gazillion questions like: What is being human really about? Why is there so much suffering in the world and why don’t more people care about it? What is my purpose in this life? How can I make the biggest positive impact on humanity?” 

I stayed up all night long, searching insatiably on the internet for answers and woke up the next morning, walked outside… it was spring on April 26th, 2007. I’ll never forget it. The colors and sounds and everything were more vibrant than I had ever experienced. I wasn’t on drugs, alcohol or anything. My vibration shifted overnight.

I was knew deep inside me I wanted for a teacher or system that could provide answers to these questions and reveal things about me, humans and life that I didn’t know existed. I didn’t know the term “mysteries” but that was what my awakening triggered a search for the hidden meaning of the Universe.”

Practices to Assist in Your Spiritual Awakening

For anyone who feels like you have had hints of awakening but want to open yourself fully to its potential, here are some recommended activities:

  • Meditate
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Laugh
  • Dance
  • Connect with others
  • Volunteer
  • Practice gratitude
  • Slow down

As Eckhart Tolle says, “You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”

Spend time focused on becoming yourself fully. For guided experienced support with your next steps in spiritual awakening, or for validation you aren’t losing your mind, Amirah Hall is available for consultation.

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