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Without a doubt, Colombian soccer has been the protagonist of many tournaments and sporting events around the world. However, the country has also highlighted its good name in cycling, boxing, tennis, skating, among others.

Which have been the most relevant?

We could say that all have taken place in the memory and heart of Colombians. When it comes to sports, people gather at home, together with their families or friends and enjoy these events. Let’s go back a bit in history and remember some successful Colombian athletes! Colombia has been the birthplace of many great athletes who have adorned the country on many occasions. The great Antonio Cervantes Reyes, better known as ‘Kid’ Abele, was twice world champion in 1962 and 1965. Luis ‘Lurch’ Herrera, champion of the Velma a Sana in ’93; the Colombian team led by ‘ El Pike ‘ Valderrama that thrashed Argentina 5-0 at home.

Edgar Reentry, the only Colombian baseball player who has won two World Series and who in 1997 managed to enter the history of this sport with the famous ‘Golden Hit’. The successes of Colombian athletes in different disciplines have been much more frequent in recent years, and this fact has been reflected in the way of doing sports journalism .Where to watch your favorite 해외축구중계사이트 events?

Do you want to watch your favorite sports?

 Compared to other television segments, sports channels have been one of the most dynamic niches on television in recent years. International operators have consolidated their brands in the region and this trend is likely to continue. One of them is Claro Sports , with extensive programming that has allowed many viewers to enjoy unique events around the world.

Win Sports in Claro

The media is changing and that is why Win Sports has sports content for everyone. Colombian journalism is in charge of giving life to the different programs of this channel, without counting on the coverage of sporting events in the country. In this subscription channel you can enjoy the Colombian soccer league, playoffs, quarterfinals and other sports such as baseball, skating, cycling, tennis, basketball and many more.

Good news!

To tune into channel 521 you can pay the subscription with your Claro television planand thus not miss any sporting event. Leave us your information and we will tell you much more about the benefits of acquiring television, internet and other Claro services.

A figure similar to that recorded in the final between Germany and Argentina of the World Cup in Brazil 2014 (1,100 million), with a great impact also at the level of rugby betting since it was the event of this sport that more money in bets moved. In this way, the World Cup and the Olympic Games are indisputably the sporting events with the highest television audience, followed by the Rugby World Cup.

The impact of the Olympic Games on television is only comparable to the World Cup . The World Cup, which like the Olympic Games is held every four years, is the most important event in the world of football and football betting. According to the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), the 2018 World Cup in Russia was watched by more than 3.5 billion people. Additionally, 1.12 billion people watched at least one minute of France’s victory over Croatia in the final.

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