5 Proven Steps to Start on Your Spectacular Ideas (and Get it Done!)

Do you ever feel like having too much idea going on in your head? Read Proven Steps to Start on Your Spectacular Ideas to get started.


Do you ever feel like having too much idea going on in your head? Because yeah, I do get that most of the time too.

The thing is that we often ignore the conflicted vision inside our heads only to make it a mental note later. Unconsciously, we hoard those ideas and begin to procrastinate until they don’t matter anymore.

This hoarding activity doesn’t sit right with the imaginable success in our minds. Although, yes, the vision does sound spectacular at first, it’ll be valuable only when a measurable execution follows. That’s because an idea without action is indeed worthless.   

So, how do we come up with an idea and execute it at all once? 

Correct, the answer is to get rid of procrastination. Throw out the last mental notes and get everything done right away.   

Here we gather the actionable steps to turn your amazing ideas into reality and achieve success.  

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Embrace The Ideas

The best idea doesn’t take the right time to surface. You’ll know it when you experience the Aha! Moment unexpectedly. But that doesn’t mean other ideas are bad. Often, you come up with many ideas in your head that you may feel overwhelmed. 

This is what we call idea paralysis, a stage where you’re juggling over many ideas at once. You’ll end up trapped in the loophole of your thinking without getting any of them done.

Embracing the ideas will give you some comfort because you acknowledge their presence. The next thing to be done is to write down your idea in a tangible note. Only this way, you’ll experience a real kick that your idea is there. Taking up a mental note is another kind of procrastination; believe it or not, your mental note won’t last an hour right after you announce it in your brain.

Instead, taking a real note-worthy idea will give you a sense of “alright, this is it.”     

Create A Plan

Once you finally take the actual notes of what your idea is all about, you’ll need a plan to make it real. Suppose you thought about having a shoe business in which you accentuate the handmade embroidered stuff on it. This idea will only be alive when you put it on a concrete plan.

Start working on the ideas you have and where you want them to go. Brainstorming is one of the best actualization steps before commencing on the plan.

You know what to do after asking an inevitable question like, for example, you want people to know about your local brand. With this in mind, you’ll develop another idea to promote your brand with a particular marketing strategy like an explainer video

By narrowing down your ideas into practical action, you ease yourself from jumping out to another vision for every hurdle you face. Things may go south, but you’ll know what action to take with the specified list you make beforehand.   

Set A Schedule

Although everything is well-prepared, one thing that hinders people from succeeding is failing to build the habit. Yes, we’re talking about the efficient way to achieve your goals.

Habit can’t be made eventually without you consciously creating a list to do. Human beings are forgetful, and they can be distracted easily. When you have an extraordinary plan, it’s no use to set a schedule to make it into reality.

Scheduling is beneficial for us to build the habit. It will also remind us of what we’re planning. Setting a schedule can give you a sense of achievement when you finish one task and urge you to accomplish another thing. When you’ve completed one thing, you’ll find it easy to live up to your ideas.  

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Stick to The Schedule

Setting a schedule is one and sticking to it is another thing. You may feel great after tidying up your plan and make a perfect to-do list after it, but the real deal is never that way.

To realize your ideas into reality, often hard work isn’t enough. You’ll face a major setback that leaves you to question the whole business project. You may begin to doubt your ideas in the first place.

However, you can tackle down all these feelings by sticking to your plan all the way. In this context, you must adhere to the schedule and give faith out of it. Make sure that you’re striving forward no matter how challenging it can be.    

Stay Flexible

Although it may sound harsh and rigid for you to follow all the steps above, the thing is that you’ll find your way someday. There’s no idea in this world done perfectly at one go because there’s always room for improvement.

If you think it isn’t feasible for you to stick to the old plan, create new and more actionable steps that are easy to follow. Or you may need some adjustment here and there, and it’s always okay. However, it’s essential not to perfect your plan as it can hold you back from executing it.


Hoarding your ideas can be overwhelming at times. Although you can take mental notes actually to write down the ideas later, you’ll end up losing the bright vision in your head right away. To make your ideas into reality, you need practical plans to do. This way, you won’t miss the opportunity of succeeding with your original ideas from your head.  Hope you love reading “Steps to Start on Your Ideas”


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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