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Stop Second American Civil War

In this News article, you can read about some reasons that make it impossible to Stop the upcoming 2nd American Civil War soon.


Everyone in the world considered electing between Biden and Trump can easily trigger 2nd civil war. After that, people started to talk about the removal of Trump can create it. But as we all can see, after the attack on US Capital Hill, electing Biden and president and still no chance of any civil war.

But most Americans and different people in the world already know that it’s all about temporary holding back. In this article, every critical point is added, explaining why the 2nd Civil War cant is stopped. In other words, more delay means it will get worse with a lot of destructions only.

Important Points

Hate Between Right & Left

For the last few decades, the whole nation is divided on the base of right and left. It’s very deep and already spread at all levels. There are only two parties in America for a very long time, and both represent one side. But some people believe in America’s unity, but most of them hate each other.

One side is very extreme about everything; they talk about America first and kicking out all immigrants. Another side is different; they want to make America for everyone.

Above is just a simple example of what both sides believe in these days. We are not talking about their main ideology, but it’s all about what millions of people think who follow these sides. Unfortunately, this hate is increasing day by day. It’s hate of generations grow up believing in different ideologies.

Victims of Racism

For the last few years, Black people think that everyone treats them differently. We can look at the history of violence where black people were victims of racism. Now there is a powerful group known as BLM, Antifa, believing in violence in the name of protection for black people.

Too many different people support black people and talk about their rights. But you must understand that millions of people already consider the USA as white people’s America. Racism is spreading like a disease, and the whole country is divided on this issue. Every few years, we can see black people as victims of discrimination and start a violent protest.

But on another side, black people are also involved in too many hate crimes. Most people believe that the killing of white Americans because of racism is not a longer issue. Everyone focuses only on black people because of a long history of different famous cases.

Next 4 Years of Trump

Trump organized all white people in the name of America first and focused on getting rid of immigrants. You can understand his power from a simple example of an attack on Capital Hill. But he is still out there, and if Trump decided to continue organizing over 50% of people behind him, it would surely start 2nd civil war.

Most people don’t believe in the 2 party system anymore because they see Trump as an alternative option already. Millions of people always look for what Trump wants and ready to fight for him. These people already own weapons worth billions of dollars and waiting for Trump’s orders or someone who replace him.

Russia Payback with the Help of China

No one should forget what America did to Soviet Union (Russia) in Afghanistan. Russia is still looking for revenge for what happens to them in 1992. China and Russia are looking for a chance to destroy America with the 2nd civil war help. They don’t care about which side they need to support; the primary purpose is simply just to start it.

China is already becoming the world’s largest economy in the world in the next few years. Russia is also supporting them and try its best to start this civil war anytime possible. For example, Trump believers consider this election as fraud and talk about Biden connections with China & Russia. But the other side also believes in the same; every America thinks another one is connected with Russia or China.


As you can understand, how much the situation is worse and everything already points toward the 2nd civil war. The last four years are considered the most dangerous in America’s history where different dangerous groups like BLM, Proud Boys, and others organized themselves.

Many people also considered it as END of great America as a superpower because of the rising of China. Unlike America, China never attacked any country or killed millions of people all over the world. Their policy is all about trades, and that’s what America needs to adopt, but it’s already too late. Hope you will understand how much the Second American Civil War is dangerous for people.

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