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How To Apply For A Student Visa Subclass 500 Extension In Australia?

The Student Visa Subclass 500 cannot be extended to be outspoken. Read full guide about “Student Visa In Australia” that can actually help.


The Student Visa Subclass 500 cannot be extended to be outspoken. All you can do is extend the validity of your student visa 500. You will have to apply for a new student visa 500 altogether.

The same application protocol applies to your new student visa, just like your previous student visa 500. Ensure that you use your new student visa 500 at least three months before your current visa expires. It will help you stay stress-free about the effective renewal of your student visa 500. 

Basic requirements to extend your student visa 500!

To apply for your new student visa 500, you need to meet some basic eligibility requirements. These requirements will differ depending on the visa you are holding at the moment.

It will also vary based on the Australian academic institution wherein you have enrolled. Nonetheless, every applicant of the student visa 500 must consistently meet the following documentation requirements. 

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  • A valid passport 
  • Documents that prove that you have access to adequate funds to afford your entire stay in Australia. 
  • Documents about your Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement. A GTE statement is a substantial assurance letter. You could prove that your intention to study in Australia is entirely genuine by submitting your GTE. 
  • Credentials that prove that you are the holder of a substantial Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This healthcare scheme will cover you until you stay in Australia with the Student Visa 500. 
  • A valid Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for your new student visa 500. The academic institution must issue this letter from where you have decided to finish your studies. 

This was just the basic checklist of the documents you need to submit to the Department of Home Affairs. To delve more in-depth about these credentials, it is always advisable to verify the Document Checklist Tool. You will get access to this tool on the Australian Immigration Department’s official site. 

A step by step procedure of your student visa 500 extension! 

To extend your student visa, 500 is quite a strategic task to perform. Ensure that you adhere to the subsequent steps to renew your Australian student visa 500 in the proper and expected way.

Step One: Obtain your CoE!

To get started, you need to obtain your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from your pertinent college or university. Ensure that you re-enroll or enroll for a registered course under the CRICOS. Its fuller is the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Course for Overseas Students. 

Step Two: Extend your Overseas Student Health Cover!

Your subsequent step demands you to extend your Overseas Student Health Cover duration. You need to develop your OSHC until your student visa 500 remains valid. Ensure that you open the policy dates of your student visa’s health cover from your existing health insurance agency.

If required, you might need to appear for another health examination. The latter criterion applies to applicants who underwent a health diagnosis more than twelve months ago. 

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Step Three: Gather all the essential documents!

According to the student visa subclass 500 conditions, you need to gather certain documents unfailingly to extend your student visa. A checklist of these documents can be considered below. 

  • Evidence of adequate financial capacity 
  • Credentials related to your Genuine Temporary Entrant statement 
  • The HAP ID Number provided by the Department of Home Affairs 
  • The valid policy number of your Overseas Student Health Cover 
  • Documents related to your Confirmation of Enrolment and 
  • All your documents 

Remember that you must attach all these documents and the application of your new visa subclass 500. 

Step Four: Time to submit your new student visa application! 

Now, it’s time for you to apply for your new student visa 500 online. Ensure that you make a valid ImmiAccount on the Department of Home Affair’s official site.

After the Australian Immigration Department approves your visa application, you will be granted a Bridging Visa A. Followed by this particular step; you need to verify your email ID regularly. 

Step Five: Wait for a decision!

The Department of Home Affairs might ask you to provide some additional pieces of information as well. Do offer them on time and wait for your student visa 500 renewal outcome. You must also pay the right fees of the student visa 500 while extending.

You need to pay the same fees, i.e., AU$535. You will also need to pay for your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). The charge for your OSHC begins at $8 every week. Your new student visa application will be approved if you are lucky enough.   

Processing time of the student visa 500 renewal!

In general, the processing time of your new student visa 500 takes between periods of four to six weeks. Once your application gets granted, you will receive an email regarding your new student visa’s approval. Subsequently, you need to obtain the new student from the Australian Immigration Department’s office. 

Hire a Migration Agent in Perth!

Appoint a Migration Agent Perth to know furthermore about the renewal of your student visa 500. A Migration Agent in Perth has the knowledge and insight to help you extend your student visa 500 successfully. Right from obtaining your CoE to the final approval of your new student visa, your Immigration Agent Perth will provide you with comprehensive immigration assistance! 

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