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Read about Studying Abroad through Scholarships most important questions come to the mind of every student looking for a better future.


Almost every student has a desire to study in foreign countries. Dreaming to pursue your further educations in the best countries along with the best facilities all over the world is virtuous. However, students worry about the cost of education and the expenses required to live abroad and pursue higher education. 

Studying in foreign countries might exceed your budget set for your higher studies. Moreover, you cannot let your dream down just because of a lack of finance.


We will let you decide the best 5 countries that offer various scholarship programs for the students who are not strong financially. We are only here to guide you, but you will be the one who will decide and take complete charge of your future studies. 

Here is a list of the top 5 countries that offer the best education and the best facilities. Studying from these countries will grow your knowledge to an expert level and make you professionally strong. We have also listed the best scholarship programs that can lower your burden financially. 

United Kingdom: 

The UK is one of the best countries that offer higher education in several fields such as management, art, science, law, finance, etc. The facilities and the UK’s reputation all over the world grab the student interest more. Studying in the UK makes the student resume more powerful to approach for the best opportunities professionally. 

The UK educational systems allow every student freedom to put their thinking and efforts that make them dependent globally. Students are free to choose their subjects and courses with their own interests and requirements. To avail of all these features at a low cost, you can apply for the best scholarship programs listed below in this article.


Australian universities hold the top rank position among the top 100 universities globally because of their world-class educational facilities. Apart from the education systems, Australian universities offer various post-study prospects and high standards of living. 

Students can choose their subjects in which they are interested and can get specialization and peerless academic brilliance. Universities of Australia act as a support system for students who want to study abroad. There are approximately 20,000 thousand courses available in Australia.


Canada is one of the most developed countries and offers the best higher education facilities worldwide. High academic quality within an affordable rate of tuition fee is available here. Students receive excellence and specialization in every subject and field of education, such as management, finance, science, arts, etc.

Several courses, such as MBA, MS, MTech, etc., are available there. You can get admission in the MBA courses without appearing for the GMAT. Also, pursuing MIM in Canada is the best master’s degree you can go for. Students get abundant job opportunities in the top companies around the world.

United States of America: 

The US is the best choice for students who are willing to study abroad. The American Education System is leading as one of the top education systems in the whole world. Getting an education from the best universities offers modern practices, in-depth knowledge through their advanced technology. 

Outstanding Education, Multi-cultural environment, and flexibility in studies are the main factors that are considered in Universities of the United States of America. Students get practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. Pursuing higher education in the US will build up your resume and helps you to get global recognition.



France is a beautiful country and attracts international students to pursue further education. The universities of France offer the best quality of education within a reasonable rate of the tuition fee. Students can easily apply for universities to join the best colleges and universities all over the world. 

Students get a vast opportunity to work in France after completing their education. The universities offer the best job placement chances to the students studying in the top colleges there. Apart from being learning and working opportunities, students learn a different language, that is, French.

The above 5 countries offer the best education system, along with their best cultural environment. The students get attracted towards its faculties and facilities and technologies they offer to students pursuing higher education.

Best Scholarships That Help to Study Abroad

For students who are willing to study abroad and hesitate due to their financial condition, scholarships would be the best solution. Studying abroad and the cost of living in foreign countries would make you think twice about studying globally. Having a sufficient amount of money in hand might lower your dreams. 

At this age, students do not want to burden their parents nor want to give up on their career and dreams only because of an insufficient amount of money. Taking a loan can be an option. However, that may create an extra burden on any student. Moreover, there is one special option that can ease your problems, that is, Scholarships.

Scholarships can help you achieve your dreams, and getting the best colleges for MIM, MBA, MS. Pursuing MIM from Canada can be the best option for international students. 

Studying Abroad through Scholarships

Now, you might want to know the process of getting a scholarship to study abroad. Various sources can help you find suitable scholarship programs, such as University websites and Online Scholarship databases. However, we are here to know about the best scholarship programs you can select for studying abroad. So, here are some best scholarship programs that you can apply to resolve your financial problems.

  • Narotam SekhSekhsaria’solarships– Maximum amount limit is Rs. 20,00,000.
  • London Business School India Scholarship  Maximum amount limit is Rs.32,78,800.
  • Global study Award- Maximum amount limit is Rs. 9,66,600.
  • Inlaks Scholarships- Maximum limit is Rs. 75,46,000.
  • The University of Bristol Thinks Big Postgraduate scholarship- Maximum scholarship granted per student is Rs.18,73,600.
  • Harvey Fellowship- Maximum limit of the scholarship is Rs. 12,07,360.
  • Endeavor Scholarships- Maximum limit of this scholarship is up to Rs. 6,91,340.
  • Thrive Bursary- Maximum Scholarship amount is Rs. 2,89,980 per student.
  • Golden Key Graduate Scholar Awards- Maximum limit rises to Rs. 1,88,825.
  • Gyandhan Scholarship- Maximum Scholarship limit amount is Rs. 1,00,000.

All the scholarships mentioned above allow the students to lower their education fees up to the limits mentioned in the list under all programs. You can go for these programs as per their terms and conditions and criteria. Students who are financially strong and thus drop their dreams to get the best education from the best places can now follow up on their plans. Hope you love reading “Studying Abroad through Scholarships”

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