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We are accepting Paid Guest Posts on our site, “Amir Articles.” So what are the benefits for those who submit content for us? 

  1. The site is Google News Approved.
  2. Free Do-Follow link forever.
  3. More benefits because our site authority will increase with time
  4. Guarantee of Speedy Indexing in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all other search engines within 24-48 hours.

UPDATED STATS FOR OUR WEBSITE / Updated: 26 January 2021

Moz DA.PA26 / 33
Semrush Domain Score38
Ahref DR.UR34 / 42
Alexa Rank91,590
Domain Age6 Months 21 Days
Guest Posts Accepted739 (88%)
Total Articles841
AdvertisementAdsense, Media.Net, PopAds

Price of Guest Posting

Below are rates updated on 19 January 2021. We can negotiate it for Bulk Orders above 5+

  1. 7$ – Single Guest Post 500-800 Words with 1 Do-Follow link, 1000+ Words for 2 Do-Follow links
  2. 12$ – Single Link Insertion on Any Article of Your Choice
  3. 20$ – We can write a 600-800 Words Article for you with 2 Do-Follow Links

We don’t sell author accounts. But you can read about few Packages if planning to Posts a lot on Our Site, good for SEO Experts.

  1. 100$ – Allowed 25 Guest Posts,
  2. 200$ – Allowed 60 Guest Posts,
  3. 300$ – Allowed 100 Guest Posts


Categories Open for Guest Posts

  1. Group 1 – Education, Programming and Coding, Law and Order, Find Real-life Jobs
  2. Group 2 –eCommerce Products“, Business, “Finance“, “AutoMobile“, “Earn Money Online
  3. Group 3 – Tech“, “Digital Marketing“, “Social Media“, Blogging
  4. Group 4 – Lifestyle“, “Home Improvement“, “Health and Fitness“, “Travel“, “Sports“, “Beauty and Fashion
  5. Group 5 – “Payment and Services“,Gifts and Celebrations (Non-Religious)”, Motivation And Productivity“, General“, “Games
  6. Group 6 –News and Politics

Banned Categories

Don’t Send Content in Below Categories or Topics:

  1. Loans and Insurance / Drugs, CBD, Sex Advice, Improve Sexual Life Products
  2. Gambling and Dating / Promotion of any Religion or Hate Speech
  3. Entertainment / Movies, Tv Series, Tattoos and similar
  4. Romance, Valentine and Similar
  5. LGBT and Sensitive Body Parts / BOTOX on Body
  6. Astrology and Anything Similar
  7. We can reject any post if we don’t see fit for “Amir Articles” and answer you in an email sent by you.

Basic Post Structure

If you cant follow these rules, please don’t send the article because I will send you back to fix it. That’s just a waste of your time and mine too. Below is a list of some requirements.

  1. One SEO optimize the image (Size: 50-150kb)
  2. Arrange Content with Separate Headings
  3. Original Unique: Never Copy from Other Sites. Don’t use Spinners. It should be 100% plagiarism-free. (I will read different lines between article)
  4. No Grammer Mistakes ( Try Grammarly Pro)
  5. The minimum article should be 500-800 Words with 1 Do-Follow link, 800+ Words for 2 Do-Follow links

Time for Publishing

Due to the huge request for guest posts and also need to check every single post against a lot of filters, you can expect your article to be published in 8-12 hours.

Problem with Links and Posts after Publishing

You can contact us immediately if found any problem after publishing your article. Some of those errors are mentioned below.

  1. Link is no-follow, or not Working
  2. Your Article is Still Not Indexed after 48 Hours
  3. Why you change the image?
  4. Any other problem related to post


You have full access, but you cant publish posts. After completion of posts as per below, submit for review.

  1. Add one image 50-150kb and clear.
  2. Read the above rules for guest posts and follow them.
  3. Don’t add more than 3 tags. These tags should be related to the post, and I can delete them or change them if needed before publishing.
  4. Always visit “Submit Quality Content” for the rules and status of your published posts.
  5. I have the authority to stop your access if you fail to publish 12 posts per month. There is no maximum posting limit.
  6. Please send me a message on Facebook after your post is ready, and I am available.

Current Active Accounts – Traget 12 Posts / Updated: 18 January 2021

Ahsan Ali(Unlimited)12
Hasan Khalid24 Jan9
Jassica Davis(Unlimited)0
Saifullah18 Feb1

Schedule to Disable (Not Even Close to Target Posts)

Martina Hale27 Jan6
Erickson Jerry29 Jan4
Alizay Sheikh4 Feb3

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