7 Substitutes to Cigarettes That Are Proven to Be Better Options

Substitutes to Cigarettes

Every year, millions of individuals swear to quit smoking for good, but not all are successful. So, if you’ve tried and failed to quit smoking using traditional methods, maybe it’s time for you to take a different route.

You can have substitutes to cigarettes from Smokefree Clinic, and similar products is a great way to start. There are two types of quit-smoking products available on the market, Nicotine replacement products and medications.

Suppose traditional ways of writing “reasons not to smoke” on paper, having someone remind you of your cigarette intake, etc., isn’t as effective as you might think it is. In that case, these alternatives might finally give you freedom from cigarette packs.

Nicotine Patches

Heavy smokers benefit densely from nicotine patches as they provide a consistent dose of nicotine, which smokers usually crave. In addition, it’s a fantastic choice as it is available without a prescription in various doses and is simple to use. 

Nicotine Lozenges

Lozenges that look like candy are ideal for a rapid hit of nicotine. You can implant the tablet in your mouth and wait five to ten minutes for the action to take effect.

Another benefit of tablets is they help to keep your mouth occupied, so you don’t feel tempted to smoke. Lozenges also are non-prescription medications that can help with unexpected nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Finally, it doesn’t need to be chewed, thus, keeping your dental appliances clear.

Nicotine Gums

The most important thing to note about nicotine gums is to use them properly as instructed. Nicotine gum is available in two strengths without a prescription and comes in a variety of flavours.

Nicotine Inhalers

The inhaler is a little plastic tube that resembles a pen in size and shape. The great thing about inhalers is that they don’t need inhaling to get nicotine.

On the other hand, it keeps your hands occupied while allowing you to adjust the amount of nicotine you receive. 

Nicotine Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays resemble allergy or nasal congestion sprays in size and shape. However, it would be best if you did not inhale the spray into the sinus canals. You just let the spray sit in your nostril instead.

Furthermore, nasal sprays are simple to apply and deliver nicotine to your bloodstream swiftly. Therefore, heavy smokers with intense urges should use nasal sprays. You can also adjust the dose using nicotine nasal spray by using it as needed throughout the day.


Varenicline is a prescription drug that is taken twice a day as a tablet. It’s the single most effective product for quitting smoking.

If you want to have a nicotine-free routine instantly, Varenicline is a perfect fit as it doesn’t have any nicotine in it. However, despite the lack of nicotine, it can still reduce cravings by acting on the brain in the same way as nicotine does.


Bupropion is an antidepressant that is available only by prescription. It can reduce tobacco cravings and withdrawal symptoms through brain chemicals manipulation. That means it can raise the levels of specific brain chemicals.

Remember that quitting smoking has numerous health benefits, and substitutes to cigarettes from Smokefree Clinic and other products can help you achieve that. For example, your circulation improves within hours of quitting the habit. And your lung function improves within weeks of stopping. So, keep it up, and you will cut your risk of heart disease in half in a year.

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