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Summary of Everything Gamers Must know about Gambling Software

Gambling online can be as fun as the real thing and for a younger generation, it actually is the real thing. Before getting into it, you’ll need to learn what you can about the game and therefore give yourself an upper hand whenever that’s possible.

When it comes to online gambling, this also means learning about the software that’s used to run the game. This may be somewhat daunting for some players since it’s outside the scope of interest and knowledge.

What Is it?

The first thing to figure out is what casino gaming software is. The casino software is a computer program used to run the games that you play in an online casino and connect you with it. This includes the interface that you interact with and everything under the hood of the game.

If a software solution is used by a gambling business but not for the purpose of gambling, it’s not considered to be gambling software. This means that the software that handles payments for gambling purposes, isn’t “gambling software” when it comes to how the law regulates the matter.

Laws Regulating Gambling Software

The Gambling Act of 2005 defines what’s gambling software and other matters related to gambling online and using computer programs to do so. The law states that the software isn’t used for gambling in particular, but “in connection to” gambling. Some consider that this is too broad a view.

This includes the following software solutions: virtual event web pages, virtual event control, bet matching, and capture, random number generators, gambling records (used to show detailed results of a game). The goal of the law is to make sure that the software provides a fair and transparent gambling process.


There’s a license issued by the government authorities that allow companies to produce, supply, adapt, and install gambling software.  If a company does any of these tasks they will have to go through the process of obtaining a gambling software license. Since the definition is rather broad, chances are that some software companies that do much more than that, need to go through the process as well.

It’s also possible that a single casino may use a variety of companies at once in order to provide these services individually rather than using one company for the whole process. All of the companies, a casino does business with, need to have such a license.

Installing Gambling Software

Sometimes companies that hold a remote gambling operating license want to install their own software. That way the company controls most of the processes from installing to running an online gambling practice. However, to do so, you’ll need two licenses.

One will be the license provided by the Gambling Commission that’s issued for running the online casino in the first place, and the second is the license to install the software. If you don’t have both documents, you’ll have to outsource the installation.

Types of Casino Software

The oldest type of casino software is so-called download software. That’s the piece of software you need to download on your computer or device and use it once the program is on your hard drive. That’s not that common these days.

Instant play software is much more common these days. That’s the software you can use right away and without having to download anything. That’s how most desktop online gambling sites work.

Lastly, there are mobile apps that are used from phones and other mobile devices. Lately, this is the way most gamblers play online since the technology is good enough to allow for it.

Software Providers

There are countless software providers out there, but as is the case with most industries, a few companies stand out and have somewhat of a monopoly since their products stand out. For the most part, if the software is provided by one of these companies, chances are it is of high quality.

Microgaming is one of the oldest and most popular software providers working in the world of gambling. The company was founded in 1994 which is an eternity when it comes to software providers. They develop over a thousand different games and they work as a poker network.

NetEnt is another famous and large gambling software company. It was founded in 1996. The most popular product coming out of NetEnt is slot games. Video slots are especially popular and Starburst, the number one slot game in the world, is a NetEnt product.

Playtech is a bit newer than the other two large companies on our list, but they are equally important for the industry. The company was founded in 1999. It offers bingo, poker, sportsbooks, and other games offered by online casinos. They also have a poker network called iPoker.

To Sum Up

The software used to gamble online and to provide other services related to gambling is regulated by the Gambling Act and is considered to be “gambling software”.  This means that a company that produces it requires a special license from the authorities to be in that line of work.

There are few large companies working in the industry. The three major ones provide most of the services and products in the gambling world and if you see that a casino has one of their games, chances are they are legit. Most of these are in the business for over 20 years now.

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