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Suspenders For Men: The History and Its Iconic Fashion Trend Today

Suspenders have been a fashion trend since the early 1800s due to their practical use and styling. Suspenders never went out of fashion, but they did become less popular as men switched to uniform belts during the First and Second World Wars. Today, suspenders signal upper class casual or formal wear with a bit of extra character.

If you’re looking for a new, trendy way to wear your trousers, look to the past and consider all of the reasons that suspenders for men should find ample space in your closet.

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Quality Suspenders Attach with a Button – Sew Them On

In the past, suspenders attached with buttons sewed to the outside of trousers. When belts became more popular, they began getting sewed to the inside. You may have seen suspenders with clip-on ends that tend to slip off pants over time. Quality suspenders for men still attach with a button, and you can purchase an affordable kit to sew buttons into your pants.

Mark Twain Patented Adjustable Suspenders – Adjust Yours Properly

Suspenders for men are adjustable and detachable thanks to a patent from Samuel Clemens, whose writing alias was Mark Twain. He submitted one of the first suspender patents in 1871. 

To measure your own adjustable suspenders, simply take a measuring tape and run it from where the suspenders attach to the back, all the way to where you’d put the buttons in the front. Be sure you keep your posture level while you do this.  You’ll want the buttons placed about three to three and a half inches apart in the front and back to keep the suspenders loose but solidly on your shoulders

From Southern High Society to Punk Rock – A Statement for Everyone

Suspenders were popular with high society in the 1800s though men used jackets or cardigans to cover them up. Between World War I and World War II, suspenders became a fashion statement in themselves for the first time. Men took off their jackets and showed their brightly colored suspenders. In the 1960s and 1970s, suspenders became popular with Mod and punk rock styles.

In the 2020s, suspenders for men are once again seen as an upper class, polished fashion statement that takes the place of belts in business and office wear. The long trajectory of suspenders as a fashion statement means you’ll have a lot of styles, patterns, and colors to choose from. You can decide what statement you want to make wearing anything from argyle to dragons.

Suspenders for Men Remain a Fashion Statement – Keep the Trend Going

Ditch the belt that became a symbol of conforming to uniform standards and create your own opportunity for self-expression in your wardrobe. You’ll set yourself apart when you wear suspenders for men with the design you choose. 

You can purchase suspenders online that exude classic sophistication while also making you stand out as a trend setter. Look for silk or other quality materials and your suspenders will last a long time and guarantee that you’ll be in style for years to come.   

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