Swimming Pool Hacks That Will Amaze You

A simple pool in the backyard exudes grandeur and will never go out of style. It may be a terrific place to have kids’ play dates or even weekend pool parties with close family and friends, as well as a place to exercise and enhance your physical and mental health. Pools, on the other hand, require upkeep. That’s why there are experts like Clark Rubber. Without regular upkeep, the water may turn green, and algae may grow, larvae may rot, and swimming in it may bring illness. Pool maintenance may be quite pricey. It does not, however, have to be the case. Here are seven simple, low-cost methods for keeping your pool gleaming clean.

Tennis Balls

Add a couple of tennis balls to your pool. The greater the number, the better! Because of their velvety texture, tennis balls are incredibly effective at eliminating stray oils and grime that are routinely released by the human body from the surface of your pool. Tennis balls leave crystal-clear water in your pool.


All despise flies. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, are despised. Rodents, in particular, are unwelcome visitors. It’s terrible enough having them near your pool. It’s a nightmare to have them drown in your pool. Fortunately, simply planting lemongrass around or near the pool can keep these pests at bay.


Rust stains are ugly and difficult to remove. Grab some limes and squeeze them into a cup if you have rust streaks on your pool’s wall. Say farewell to rust by rubbing lime juice onto rusted surfaces. The water in the pool is also not a concern. Limes do not contain any compounds that damage your skin, and they do not alter the pH balance of water.

Toothbrush & Baking Soda

Making a paste out of baking soda and applying it to waterline tiles with a sponge works wonders for cleaning and preventing algae growth. A toothbrush would be useful for cleaning corners or hard-to-reach areas. Baking soda, like lime, does not affect the water. Enough baking soda in your pool will work as an alkalinity increase for a fraction of the price of an alkalinity increase.


Calcium scaling begins to form on the pool’s wall over time. Vinegar is an excellent remedy for this. Scrub your pool walls with vinegar and a sponge or cloth, and the calcium will dissolve in the sponge or fabric, leaving your pool walls clean.

Bathing Suits

Swimming suits should be required to be worn solely in the pool. When cotton or wool comes into touch with chlorine in the pool, the fibres may fray, or the colours may bleed, causing the water to cloud over time. Nylon and many Lycra or spandex are used to make good swimming suits.

Improve the Pool Furniture

Pool furniture today is enormous, comfortable, and inviting. Even in the harsh southern sun, materials are more robust than before. Updating your pool furniture could be precisely the thing to let you spend more time in the water. These pool care techniques can do wonders for your pool and save you a lot of money in the long run. Furthermore, they are not that expensive, especially when you hire professionals from Clark Rubber.

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