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What Are the Symptoms of Depression in Children? – Amir Articles

Just like adults, children are also highly prone to depression. Read “Symptoms of Depression in Children” to know more about kids.


Depression affects millions of people globally. Just like adults, children are also highly prone to depression. The symptoms of depression in children are frequently overlooked as the everyday blues and developmental mood alterations. However, it is essential to observe, identify and treat these symptoms as soon as possible. If left untreated, depression in children can persist even in their adulthood. A child psychologist in Edmonton can help you in managing the depression in your child.

Symptom in children:

It is difficult to identify the symptoms of depression in children. Mood alterations, anger, and frustration are typical in every child. But suppose these symptoms persist for a longer duration and lead to disturbed quality of life in your child. In that case, it is highly recommended to seek psychological counselling in Calgary or wherever you live. Following are the most common symptoms of depression in children:

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Lack of interest in favourite activities:

The first symptom of depression that you can observe in your children is the sudden lack of interest in his most favourite activities. For example, your child may love watching his favourite cartoons. If you observe that he is locking himself up in his room and shows no enthusiasm in watching those cartoons anymore. You must suspect that he may fight with depression. The presence of other symptoms can confirm it.

Difficulty in socializing:

If your child is restraining from getting social, it can be a warning sign for you. Some children don’t like to be very social. However, unusual isolation and social avoidance can be the early symptom of depression in your child. Visiting a child psychologist in Edmonton at the earliest can control the issue from getting complicated.

Highly sensitive behaviour:

Another common symptom of depression in children is the highly sensitive behaviour in response to rejection and failure. Children typically show agitation if something goes against their will. Still, the unusually high sensitivity of your child can tell a different story.

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Difficulty in school:

Always check the school teachers about the performance of your children. A sudden decline in his school performance and frequent absence from his school may require your immediate attention. Depression is the most common reason behind the failure of children in keeping up with their schooling.

Unusual physical symptoms:

Your child may complain about frequent headaches, fatigue, and body pains. Suppose these physical symptoms are not associated with any medical cause. In that case, it is most likely that depression can be the culprit. Psychological counselling in Calgary can effectively unveil the hidden cause of these physical symptoms in your children.

Extremely low self-esteem:

Children are often subject to bullying in their schools. It is the most common reason for depression in children. The most damaging impact of persistent depression is on the self-esteem and confidence of your child. Regular sessions with a child psychologist in Calgary can uplift the self-esteem of your child. It is essential to target this issue before it becomes a permanent personality trait of your child.

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Disturbed sleep:

Proper sleep is essential for the growth of your child. Children need to sleep for 8-10 hours daily. A disturbed sleep pattern or difficulty getting a comfortable sleep for recommended hours can be due to depression. Parents of depressed children often seek counselling in Calgary for sleep disturbances.


Depression in children is hard to identify as compared to adults. Suppose you find these symptoms of depression in your child. In that case, you must seek immediate counselling in Calgary or wherever you live. A professional child psychologist in Calgary can effectively diagnose depression in your child. Timely measures can help in controlling the depression in your child more effectively.

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