5 Tips to Take Care of Your Indoor Plants

Take Care of Your Indoor Plants

Here are a few tips that go beyond watering the plants that you should know how to Take Care of Your Indoor Plants to grow.


Sometimes, even if you take every possible step to take care of your plant and follow the right plant-watering routine, your house plants don’t survive. There is so much more to taking care of your house plants than just watering them every week and placing them in a window where they get enough light.

Simple things like fertilizing the ficus and misting the fern can make a lot of difference and stop your plant from dying. If you want to make sure that your houseplant has the best shot at thriving in your home, you need to make sure that all bases are covered, including watering them properly and ensuring that they get the right amount of sun. Here are a few tips that go beyond watering the plants that you should know before you shop online for plants:

Mist the Plants

You must have seen some fancy plant misters at your local nursery and thought if that is necessary. It doesn’t matter if you use a basic spray bottle made of plastic or splurge your money on a stylist muster; most house plants are better after being misted.

This is especially important if you live in an area with low humidity or during the winter months. By misting your plants, you can boost the humidity in the room. Most house plants benefit from misting except the ones that have fuzzy leaves, like the African violets. Some plants like philodendrons and ferns thrive because of the humidity provided by misting. You may need plant installation services for some time, so those plants can live for a long time.

Remove the Dead Leaves

If you remove the dead leaves, your plant will look better. But, there are more benefits to this than just a better appearance. Removing the dead leaves can encourage fresh blooms and new growths. However, it is important that you remain careful while removing these parts. If a gentle tug is not enough for making the leaf fall off, you can use scissors for snipping the leaf off and avoiding damaging the plants’ healthy stem.

Fertilize the House Plants

Plants extract nutrients from the soil. So, by adding fertilizer, you can replenish the required nutrients. You should only fertilize your house plants when they are growing actively, which is usually between the months of March and September. Most house plants remain dormant during the winter season. To start fertilizing, you have to first dilute the fertilizer. Use only a quarter of the recommended amount on the label. Fertilize the plants every 1 to 3 months, depending on the type of plant.

Dust the Plants

By dusting the plants regularly, you can not only help your house plants look glossy and fresh but also help them get more sunlight. It can also help remove pests. To ensure that you don’t tear any leaves accidentally, support each leaf’s underside while using a soft wet cloth for wiping away dust.

Look for Pests

When there is an infestation, your healthy house plant can suddenly start looking like it’s not going to survive for long. While dusting your plants, take a look at both sides of the leaves to check for bugs such as aphids. In case you do find bugs on your plants, spray an insecticide soap on them.

Taking care of indoor plants is not an easy job. There are multiple factors to be considered like watering, lighting, fertilizing, etc. However, with a little bit of research, you can make sure that your plants receive the proper attention they need. So, before you start to shop online for plants, take a step back to think whether you are ready for all the maintenance that you will be doing to take care of them.

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