Tarot Facts You May Not Know

loneliness, stress, or people. If you isolate yourself during the holidays, the triggers may push you back to addiction.

It wasn’t until the 1780’s that Tarot became more than a psychic card game. When ‘Le Monde Primitif’ was written by a Swiss clergy member, this was the period when the study was written.

There was an assertion that there was religious symbolism attached to the tarot de Marseille deck, which related both to Isis and to Thoth.

The first time that the word Tarot was cited as a derivative of tar and ro was here as well. They are Egyptian words meaning royal road.

That was before the deciphering of the hieroglyphs and even before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.

Despite the fact that his theory was found to be false, the belief persists.

The belief has persisted to this day that these cards are both magical and regarded as evil by some circles.

In reality, it is a way to make your mind focus in order to bring your psychic self to the surface.

If you concentrate hard enough, any tool will do the same thing. Learning the various meanings of the cards you are using is part of Tarot.

Every card has its own characteristics, including the zymology of the pictures presented to you by the artist and the number that you will usually see in the upper left corner.

When you are learning, it is a good idea to learn each card individually before putting them into pairs or threes.

In pairs or threes, the cards take on different meanings, depending on the cards surrounding them.

This is where many people get confused. Cartomancy is much simpler to me. The tarot is really derived from cryptomancy.

Up until the 18th century, Tarot cards were used as game cards. It was only then that it really began to be used by psychics as a tool.

Starting with a deck that appeals to you is the best way to go. If you like your cards, it doesn’t matter whether the pictures are pretty or not.

You won’t have enough curiosity to examine each in turn until you commit them to memory if you choose any deck.

You need to feel the deck for your psychic abilities to come out. Getting familiar with your deck will allow you to test it out with some friends

This is when the fun begins. Don’t try it on yourself and don’t try reading it to yourself unless you want to confuse yourself.

To read for themselves, one must be able to put aside their own individual wants and be totally analytical.

I suggest that a group of friends buy cards and then practice with each other. It is a very, very difficult task to accomplish.

A person can never truly know another to the extent of knowing everything about them, so this is a good way to test your psychic abilities.

Take note of the outcomes of the various pairings each time you read and what they meant in the reading you gave.

As a reader or as a customer, do not be afraid to give honest feedback. Your psychic abilities will grow as a result.

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