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How to Teach Coloring to Kids?

Making children learn to color helps them perform well at school and in academic activities. Read about “Teach Coloring to Kids”


Whenever a child reaches the age of one year, it becomes almost necessary for the parents to start teaching him how to color. Making children learn to color helps them perform well at school and in academic activities. Furthermore, it helps them to invest their free time in productive and learning activities instead of wasting it on useless activities

If you are looking for the ways on how to introduce coloring to toddler, stop worrying about it. Some of the simple and easy activities to teach colors  to your kids are mentioned in this article. These methods will certainly make your child learn the coloring skill at a good pace.

Keep it simple and easy:

Before you start teaching coloring to your kid, make sure that the way you are going to teach your kid coloring should be very easy and simple. Because the kids who are at a beginner level can not get the complex things easily. 

So, what you have to do is start from the very basics of coloring. For example, you may start from a single color whether it may be red or green. Pick up a color and provide your child with most things of that color. For instance, if you have chosen the red color, train your kid to differentiate it from other colors. Keeps it going on until or unless he starts recognizing well the red color. Similarly, move towards other colors one by one.

Introduce same objects in different colors:

Introducing same objects of different colors is one of the most effective strategies of letting a child know about the colors. As we know children are attracted more towards the toys, so it is better to use toys for helping your child understand the difference between colors. 

For example, you can get the cars of same design but in different colors. Then show these cars one by one to your kid and call the names of colors respectively. However, keep in mind not to mix two different toys as it may cause confusion. 

In this way you can introduce your children with different colors one by one.

Labelling of colors:

Labelling is another useful way of teaching your child differentiation between colors. For example, try putting a number of objects like toys in front of your child and let him pick them one by one. Every time he picks up an object call the name of the color in front of him. Keep this practice going on until your child learns well the difference between colors.

This technique will make your child learn quickly about colors which would be later helpful in the coloring practice.

Coloring pages:

After your child has learnt about the colors, now it is time to develop his motor skills. The best option in this regard is to go for coloring pages. However, you need to be careful about the choice of coloring pages. Always get the coloring pages of your child’s choice. 

For example, if a child loves to watch Peppa Pig, the Peppa Pig coloring pages is the best option you can opt.

Cartoon coloring pages:

As we know children love no activity better than watching cartoons and spend most of their free time in it. Therefore, getting cartoon based coloring pages can develop the interest of kids in coloring effectively. Paw Patrol series is one of the most famous cartoon series for kids. Many of the children are seen watching this series now a days. 

You can take benefit from Paw Patrol series by providing your children with the coloring pages of this series.


If you are looking for the ways on how to encourage a child to color, you can try the step by step method mentioned above in this article. For example, getting cartoon coloring pages like Peppa Pig coloring pages can help you develop coloring skills in your kids in an effective way.

Therefore, give a read to this article and try to follow the instructions given in it before you start teaching coloring to your kids. Hope you love reading “Teach Coloring to Kids”

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