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Team bonding activities have been found to boost morale amongst the employees and are important to establish healthy workplace relationships.


Team bonding activities have been found to boost morale amongst the employees and are also important to establish healthy workplace relationships. These activities ensure the involvement of everyone and help the newcomers ingratiate with the rest of the staff more seamlessly.

While a wide variety of activities are available all over Singapore, we found team bonding activities in Singapore to be the most lively and fun!

What is Team Bonding Activities?

Team building activities are those activities that the employees may do together and can be used to boost productivity and help the staff interact with each other with more ease.

These activities have been proven to benefit the workplace morale and build healthy relationships amongst the employees and encourage teamwork.

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How Do Team Building Activities Work?

While activities outside of the workplace may seem inane and a waste of time, they can significantly improve productivity among the workplace personnel. Members of the staff are put in fun situations to act cohesively as a team and work towards a collective goal.

As a team works together, it creates a sense of belonging and loyalty to the team members while also helping see the fellow employees in a different setting hence taking from the monotony of a workplace.

While many team building activities are available throughout Singapore, some of the following outdoor and indoor activities can be fun.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Team Building:

Scavenger Hunt

This may be the most fun team building activity that can be played by any number of people and in almost any setting. The total number of people is divided into groups, and each group is given the task of either finding a hidden object or fulfilling a series of tasks to reach the ultimate goal. Whichever team reaches it first wins.

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The Egg Drop

While the name sounds silly, the game is quite amusing. The staff members are divided into teams, and each team is given an egg and assorted office supplies. Now the team members have to use the materials provided to form a contraption that will prevent the egg from breaking when it falls. The team that successfully carries out the mission of safeguarding the egg wins.

Random Act of Kindness

This activity helps formulate lasting connections between the employees and helps the community, and improves the company’s image. All the employees are to do one random act of kindness, which may either be helping an elderly cross a busy street or fostering a stray kitten until it finds a forever home.

Fun Indoor Activities for Team Building:

Terrarium Building

Among the indoor activities for team building, the terrarium building may by far be the most gratifying and engaging. The staff members are divided into teams, and each team is given a glass box to build a terrarium in. Terrarium Workshops can prove to be a very pleasant and fulfilling activity, not to mention extremely insta-worthy!

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Leather Crafting

Leather crafting workshops can be quite fun and rewarding. Each team is provided with a skilled leather craftsman who leads the team on making leather coin purses, notebook covers, wallets, and more. And you get to brag about making it yourself too!

Candle Making

Candles have been all the rage in the past few years. From influencers to models and showbiz stars, everyone has been talking about the soothing effect a candle can have if you’re stressed out. Any workplace is bound to be stressful and even anxiety-inducing for many people.

Candle making may be the activity your workforce had been subconsciously looking for. Everyone can make their candle with their preferred scent and color, and even give it a beautiful name!

All the activities mentioned above can be used to improve communication between the employees, provide a sense of being a team, and help boost the staff’s morale, which in turn boosts company productivity overall.

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