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Testing Medicines on Animals – Always Highlighted Dispute – Why?

We are globally situated in a surrounding that has benefits and adversities linked equally. Read about Testing Medicines on Animals .


We are globally situated in a surrounding that has benefits and adversities linked equally. These tend to affect mankind with all appropriate factors, and hence we should be prepared to deal with them efficiently.

Talking about the adversity, humans are very much vulnerable to health hazards that constantly surround them. It is not just a fever and flu which can be treated with Aspirin, but there are hundreds of thousands of health issues that need an authentic solution before the problem worsens.

The only solution which has been discovered and implemented since early times is medication. Today, we all have experienced how to intake medication orally and through IV. Earlier, some remedies were tested on one, and if proved appropriate, then it was recommended within social circles.

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Formal medicines of today don’t follow the old and traditional pattern. As these medicines have to be supplied globally, they are managed with critical care.

They are researched formally with proper investment and then are controlled under the supervision of scientists having formal degrees and relevant knowhow to what they are experimenting with.

There remains a high amount of formal reliance, which is ultimately fruitful through the speedy recovery which we experience. Taking oral medication, such as antibiotics, might seem a quick solution, but to develop it, there are greater efforts involved.

Yet, one part between the development and the implementation phase is highly criticised till today. It is important to acknowledge that implementing a medication requires authentic testing before a full launch.

Testing medication on humans is a risk as it might have key side-effective which can prove fatal and even cause deaths. Thus, as an alternative, practitioners prefer testing on animals having a body factor similar to that of humans, such as rats, mice, frogs, monkeys, etc. In this way, the effectiveness of a medicine is marked to a near to accuracy extent, which can assist in taking the right decision.

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Highlights from Criticisms and Arguments

Testing on animals rather than testing on humans seems acceptable, but not for everyone. There are animal rights organisations, such as WWF, which have established specifically to protect the well-being of endangered animals, whereas mice, rabbits, rats, etc., are highlighted as being endangered under medical testing. Although these animals provide results that can be relied upon for medicine being effective, yet harming the life of animals is illegal and unethical. When you care for a human life being risked through testing, then the same care should be extended for animals as well; that surely makes sense.

Even if the animals tend to survive the tests, there are arguments that side-effects don’t show on them. Humans cannot be completely compared and contrasted with animals as nature is different.

There might be impacts such as allergies which may only show up on a human body rather than on animals. They cannot even speak or express an urge whether what they feel internally or externally, hence what you rely on cannot be completely true. Yes, that’s a point we need more focus on.

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What to Think Now – Some Possible Solutions Proposed

Other than continuing the arguments of ages till now, when everything is modernised and technically-advanced, we need to search for ways to justify every side and end this war for all. One stance which has been identified can be expressed as developing an antidote for the animals as well.

Luckily and eventually, if an animal doesn’t make it to the survival segment successfully, they should be immediately given a proper dose of an antidote which would kill the harms of the medicine they had been exposed to. It is a general thumb rule of the medical world that should be applied in this aspect as well.

Secondly, our reliance and dependability on technology should be extended in this aspect as well. Equipment that can monitor the internals of an animal, like an x-ray machine, which can assess the changes a dose does to an animal’s body, should be developed and implemented accordingly.

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These initiatives can be very expensive, but they can be a complete solution to minimize frequent distracts within the medical industry. The government can play a vital role here by proposing the necessary investment needs funded by the state so that the interest of practitioners in this regard could be maximized and a final solution can be obtained. Hope you love reading “Testing Medicines on Animals”

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