10 Amazing Textsheet Alternatives – Best for Students of any Subject

Textsheet was the most popular site to help students with all kinds of free stuff. But it is closed now, you will read all the best alternatives to it in this article. Read about Textsheet Alternatives and their benefits.

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List of Textsheet Alternatives
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The TextSheet was the most amazing site to help students for different subjects because of their textbook answers, homework solutions, and a lot more help. All of their services were not just free but very easy to use for almost everyone. In less time, this site became one of the most visited & popular sites compare to all others because no one provides this level of free material & services for free for all.

Unlike other sites, they build it like a search engine where students were able to find anything in seconds. But this site act as a search engine become huge problems for them but they include many other sites’ data in it too. For example, another site Chegg blames them for using too many of their data in search results. They received a DMCA copyright notice from Chegg & face a lot of legal problems from different popular sites.

These reasons force them to stop their services because they don’t own huge database or data of their own. Their acting like a search engine completely destroys them because too many sites get involved in search results. You can imagine all sites providing paid services on their site & students were able to use that paid services for free. everyone really loves it but legal issues become very difficult day by day for this site to stay alive. Textsheet is no longer working &everyone is looking for an alternative to Textsheet.

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There are many other sites that provide similar services, some are free but most features they proving include a paid subscription. Below is a list of some popular websites like Textsheet but you must understand that it’s not possible to replace a powerful search engine like Textsheet with individual sites. If you talk about different features, you can consider them the best Textsheet replacement. It’s an updated list and you can consider it amazing for Textsheet alternatives in 2020 or 2021.


List of Textsheet Alternatives

1- Collegeboard (Highly Recommended Textsheet Alternatives)

Collegeboard is the best platform for students who are preparing for SATs. Unlike other alternatives to Textsheet, this site is built for those students especially those who are preparing for the SAT exam. Too many courses and notes from different schools are available on this site already. A lot of different quizzes are created for students which helps students prepare for the SAT easily.

One major advantage of this system is to allow students to buy different books for discount rates, different offers are available also they can exchange books too. A few of the major subjects offers in this network are Math, physiology, history but not limited do it. Students can download it for both android and iPhones which are big advantages because the use of mobile phones is more common compare to laptops. Most of the features provided by this site are very amazing which helps students similar to Textsheet.

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2- SparkNotes

The main focus of Spark Notes is English Literature, Arts & Creative writing. You can easily understand that the basic concept of this site is different from Colleageboard a lot. They build a huge database on this site which includes guides, notes, and all kinds of help for students who are connected especially with the above topics.

The learning process is easy and very cool for different students because of simple guides created by popular classic writers’ books. Different kinds of test samples, quizzes, and other similar methods provide students the best chance to understand and learn from SparkNotes. Textsheet also provides similar kind of features & that’s why we recommend you try this site if looking for the best websites like Textsheet.

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3- School Solver


This platform is different from all others because of its unique system. Unlike other platforms, there are a lot of tutors available who provide cheap services like answers to students, hundreds and thousands of students ask for help & get cheap rate tuition from this site. The main reason why students consider it the best site like Texhsheet because other then original questions they can use it for cheap Chegg answers too.

Great benefits for tutors because of earning too much from a similar question they answer. For example, if a tutor answers one question & more then 100 different students looking for an answer, the tutor will get paid for it unlimited times. It’s a great benefit for students because they have a great chance to get quality answers from high-level tutors. When a student is satisfied with the answer, they can easily provide their feedback which is good for that answer to be more trusted.

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4- Chegg


Chegg is the most powerful site online if you are looking for a Textsheet alternative. They create the most amazing database of knowledge, their system is better and most of the users in the USA looking for similar content are using it. Remember, Textsheet was not able to continue because of stealing data from Chegg. Services provided by this network are not cheap and that’s reasons why students loved to use Textsheet for providing all free resources from all popular services.

Some of their services are really amazing as if you are a permanent reader, they provide books on discount for 90% most of the time. You can also sell books when done reading. Their huge database is very powerful and also 34 hours support is available if you need any help when searching or using their site.

First of all, they provide a free trial period for students, later students can purchase different packages as per their needs. Services provided by this site are too many that it can cover almost all students from different classes. Chegg is available for almost all platforms including mobiles and Pc.

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5- Skooli

Amazing online tutoring solution for students who want to study many subjects. As you can understand these days, most of the school system is closed because of viruses and online studying become very popular every day. On Skooli, you can choose any tutor and the rate per minute are less than 1 dollar for most subjects.

Some other benefits of this online system are money spend on tutoring completely based on how many minutes you study. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions or permanent contracts or times where you must come online on time. All information about tutors is provided which includes their experience & qualification and more. This site helps students similar to Textsheet because some features are almost similar in both sites.

Another benefit of this platform is the choice if tutors. In real life, if you study from someone, it can take time for you to change tutor if don’t like them. In this system Skooli, you can study a few minutes or 1 hour from someone, and if you don’t like just change them anytime. No real-life emotions are involved in this platform and changing these tutors is very simple in just a few clicks.

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6- Coursera

Coursera is the best alternative to Textsheet especially when it comes to research papers. Over 40 million active users are there who can access over 40 million different sources. Learning with the help of this platform is not just easy but fun for all level learners.

Unlike most other platforms, this site is not just perfect for students but researchers too. There is no limit of material on this site and its the main reason why millions of students and researchers are already satisfied. All services on this site are very cheap to access but what you will get in return is too much for you. Thousands of students and researchers from different universities and also connected with this site for getting help.

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7- Slader

Best online help for those college students who need help with their homework. Thousands of textbook solutions and also step by step guide is added on this site. Easy to find textbook search bar is created for students. The database on this platform is huge but they focus on some subjects more compare to others.

You can consider it an amazing alternative or similar to Textsheet because of the level of featured provided by them. Math, Science, Literature, and English are the main subjects focused on their site other than hundreds more. Similar to other sites this platform is available for almost every device including windows and mobile phones.

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8- Quizlet

Quizlet’s main focus is to help students prepare for their upcoming exams. But their huge database and different courses are too many for students who want to study different subjects. You can consider this site as a collection of the most powerful features provided by different sites. For example, they have over 50 million, active students in over 150 countries.

There are may Tutors available to help students. In simple words, this site becomes one of the most popular online universities with millions of students. A lot of experts are connected with this site who can write essays and also research papers. But it costs money for someone who wants to hire them but the price is very cheap compare to their services. Everyone who writes it is an expert in their field. They provide 15 days trial for their services which means you can test everything properly at this time and cancel if not satisfied.

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9- Crazyforstudy

Crazyforstudy provides most services like Textsheet for mostly high school students. It makes students’ life easier with over 50 million books in databases and easy search options if looking for more. An online preparation test is created for most subjects which really helps students check their level of preparation for actual exams.

Most active students on these platforms are from Australia and it’s easy for access from all over the world. The company is new and they offer some really cool services to get started. First-time users can access to some material because of these offers which are not available anywhere else this much cheaper. Crazyforstudy becomes popular when it comes to the preparation of test exams to check the level of every student.

Visit Crazyforstudy

10- Course Hero

With over 30 million active students, Course Hero becomes a very popular platform for students to learn online. Consider it a huge online university and most powerful site alternative to Textsheet. They cover almost all subjects which can include everything. It means millions of students from all classes can use it for help in their studies easily. Resources are in form of videos, guides, papers, and easy access by students anytime.

Course Hero becomes a personal tutor because of its complete system which helps students a lot. Sample test papers with 24 hours help are very important features of this site. It can also connect students with different teachers and students when studying online and need help from someone real. You can pay 10 dollars to access all features or use their offer to upload your own material to get access by trading with them. This money is very cheap if it to tutors in real life with the problem of time management.

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Techengage is a popular site providing amazing content to its users & their list of alternatives to Textsheet is really cool. Only 6 websites similar to Textsheet are added in their list but you must know each of these sites is explained well with complete details. TechEngage is also a great source of Tech information for all users & we connect you to the high-quality sources which can only benefit our users.



Unlike other sites that rank for the same keyword, we are trying to explain everything in simple words. We accept there are more sites like Textsheet but it’s important to know that including only the best compare to all sites is very important. Sometimes the main purpose of a blogger is to provide a list of too many entries as they can create 25 Websites Similar to Textsheet. But we suggest users to always try for shortlisting first because it may include very important entries compare to all. There are only a few sites like ours who create huge lists sometimes where each entry is important for users.


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