The 3 Best Boating Accessories for Safety

According to market indicators, the leisure boat market size will increase by $30.01 billion between 2020 and 2025. The projected figure represents a compound annual growth rate of 8.46% over the period.

Any experienced boater will tell you that owning a boat is just the beginning. Having smart boating accessories and gadgets on board can provide you with an epic experience on the water.

Besides the fun experience, boating accessories can enhance your safety while riding. When it comes to your boating accessories, there’s no shortage. However, the boat accessories you want to buy will depend on the type of boat you have.

Read on to learn the three best boating accessories for safety.

1. Life Vests

According to the U.S. Coast Guard requirements, you must provide personal floatation devices for all boat passengers and crew. Besides, children under 13 must wear a life jacket while the boat is sailing, according to federal law.

It’s advisable to buy life vests approved by the Coast Guard. Besides, your life jackets must also be appropriate for the situation.

For instance, you can opt to buy a Type III inflatable PDF that’s comfortable to wear. Most of these life vests can self-inflate when submerged, or the wearer can pull a cord to inflate.

However, these life jackets are not the best for water-related sports like waterskiing and wakeboarding. You can also consult with your club members in this case to know the right life vests to buy.

2. Navigation Lights, Signal Flares, and Spotlight

According to the law, every boat must have navigation lights. It’s best to lias with your local boating regulations to identify the lights and colors you must have.

A waterproof spotlight can guide you into a marina or berth at night. Spotlights can also help you identify the correct mooring.

There are various options for you when buying a spotlight. You can buy rechargeable handheld lights or have 12-volt power connectors.

You may also consider wiring in a permanent halogen light to your boat. Signal flares are other fishing boating accessories that can help when your boat engine fails or are in danger.

Signal flares are a requirement under Title 46 of the federal boating law. According to the law, every recreational vessel must have visual signaling devices onboard at night.

3. Fire Extinguishers

Sometimes, a fire accident can occur on your boat resulting from combustion gas issues or a barbecue grill tipping over. So you must have a marine fire extinguisher as a proactive measure for your boat safety.

While this isn’t just a great idea, it’s also a legal requirement. You may need more than one marine fire extinguisher, depending on the size and design of your boat.

Usually, type B-I and B-II marine fire extinguishers get designed for flammable liquids and gasses.

Boating Accessories

You can own a boat as a lifestyle and life choice. Even so, when sourcing your boating accessories, don’t just check off all boat accessories for your needs as a captain and friends alone.

It would be best to keep your family, guests, and crew in mind. Finding a reputable boating accessories supplier is advisable if you want quality products to give you value for money.

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