The 5 Types of Fonts: Where and How to Use Them

Types of Fonts

Alphabets play a significant role where they join together to form a word that gives the actual meaning. Likewise, to represent the words in different styles, sizes, and shapes, fonts are used. For developing the documentation, word files, and letter, the other fonts are used. And there are some predefined fonts style and styles are used to create documents. Likewise, modern fonts are used to create the content in the best and effective way.

Types of modern fonts:

Several modern fonts are used to deliver the files in the proper representation. The topmost and best modern fonts are,

  • Helvetica Now
  • Proxima Nova
  • TT Norms Pro
  • FF DIN
  • Avenir Next

 The fonts are in high demand, and one always brings the option for users to be creative and develop their text and information in the best manner. They are typically used to provide the exact size and style for every font in the graphical interface. The modern fonts are much identical to others where they are highly recommended for marketing and branding the company products.

Logo design and product marketing:

The modern fonts are highly suggested for creating the company logo and product names on it. And the font delivery the exact way of represents the best and emotion of company products on the company name and logo style. The fonts are antiques or sans serifs where it looks at graphic features and characteristic elements on them.

The font always comes as the first choice for every graphical designer for being a creative mind about the logo and other text design. In addition, the fonts suit every company logo in dynamic and thicker on the border on it. Every company logo and name must be wide and clear to reach everyone and remember it the easy way.

How to choose the right fonts?

People use several fonts for developing and showing the creativity on the text for more aspects. To make a simple and effective one, the user needs to choose the right one to deliver the right one. Every font has a different style and file format that brings the choice to represent in the best way. The font in use functionality gives the user a multi-choice option; based on the need, the user can use the fonts to deliver the proper foam of work to represent the essential information to everyone. 


Using the right font for the exemplary work gives the actual meaning and represents emotion in the text. The user gets the option to change every letter size and style as creative ideas over it. And the fonts can adjust the design according to the graphical designer and designer company for their logo. Using the font and changing the type based on the size and shapes are highly legal. It also brings the option to enrich the designed work and quality on it.


Every font is used for developing a new creation base on the user and the company’s needs. And they are highly effective and recommend delivering font in the best way over it.

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