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The Dangers of Electricity: 3 Potential Complications of Electrocution

Everyone knows that electricity is dangerous, but do you know the real dangers of electricity? Read about Potential Complications of Electrocution below.

Electricity isn’t just about getting struck by lightning. There are even plenty of dangers of electricity at home that many people don’t consider until they’ve already received a nasty shock.

We’re here to talk about all of the things that can happen after an electric shock. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Serious Burns

Even minor electric shocks can result in burns to your skin (or other organs). This is one of the reasons to avoid doing serious DIY electrical projects and tasks on your own. Read this post for more information about why you should hire a professional instead.

Some burns, from high enough voltage, are serious enough that they can result in amputation. If the burn gets inside the tissue, into the organs, it can result in death.

Burns get into the organs when the body resists the electrical current. Because there’s so much heat that the organs aren’t used to, the electricity causes internal burns.

2. Cardiac Issues

Most people are aware that electric shocks can cause heart problems, and even complete cardiac arrest. It only takes a current of 50mA to result in cardiac problems.

Your heart beats on a rhythm. That rhythm is maintained with small electric pulses within the body. That’s right, your body generates its own electric impulses (which is how doctors can monitor your heart with an electrocardiogram).

An electric shock can cause arrhythmia, meaning that your heart’s natural rhythm gets disrupted. This may even happen hours after the electrocution.

While an occasional arrhythmia may not be a big deal, it can also lead to ventricular fibrillation. This means that the heart is no longer able to pump blood.

If the person experiencing ventricular fibrillation doesn’t get medical attention as soon as possible, this will result in death.

3. Muscle Spasms

As we mentioned, your body sends out electric impulses. Your heart is a muscle, which means that your other muscles also receive those impulses in order to move.

So what happens when you get an electric shock that moves through your muscles?

One of the dangers of working with electricity is the potential to tear your tendons and ligaments. Quick and significant muscle contractions are often too aggressive for your muscles to handle.

You may also experience random muscle clenching, even while touching the object that’s electrocuting you. You have likely seen people clenching onto an electric fence after touching it. This is an involuntary action.

When people are propelled from the source of electricity, it’s not because the electricity is pushing them back, per se. It’s because the muscles are contracting in such a way that the person pushes themselves backward.

Don’t Risk the Dangers of Electricity

The dangers of electricity aren’t worth it. Even small electrical projects at home can cause serious injuries that can be lifelong or fatal. Next time you have a problem with the electricity in your home, hire a professional electrician.

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