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The Guide to Perfect Sleep – Important Steps Everyone Must Follow

Deep sleep is very important for all. While the sleeping time varies from person to person, Read The Guide to Perfect Sleep for details.


We all know how much sleeping is important for every living organism on this planet. Earlier during the time of war, the Siberian prisoners were trapped inside and they were not allowed to sleep. If they stayed for 30 days without sleeping then they were promised to be freed. In between the experiment, researchers noticed mental breakdowns and agitation among the prisoners.

But after the 11th day of the experiment, it was noticed that the prisoners turned up against each other. Their whole appearance changed and they turned into flesh-eating monsters. They were not behaving or looking like humans anymore instead they were looking and behaving like ghosts and monsters. Therefore, sleeping is a very important phenomenon for a person to survive. Our whole existence in life depends on a comfortable sleep.

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Deep sleep is very important for all. While the sleeping time varies from person to person, experts always suggest seven to nine hours of sleep every night. While sleeping your neocortical neurons are at rest and not only that the muscles of your body are at rest. By going through the sleeping procedure our body gets restored and rejuvenated for the next day. It is also said that while sleeping a special type of hormone called melatonin gets released which flushes out all the toxins from our body.

Not only must you sleep for a long time, it is also necessary to keep in mind that there are many stages of sleep. Deep sleep is one such stage of sleep that is very necessary as in this stage our pituitary gland releases the growth hormone. The growth hormone then goes and repairs our cells and tissues. Also, during this deep cycle, stage people experience dreams, nightmares, sleep talking, and other sleeping disorders. Read below important points in our “The Guide to Perfect Sleep”


  • SWITCH OFF YOUR DEVICES: We all know that our phones, laptops, tabs, etc. emit blue light which is harmful to the eye. The whole day we are always looking at our smartphones or tablets. The blue light coming out from these devices stimulates our brains and doesn’t let us sleep. So, it’s always suggested to power off your devices at least before one hour of sleep time.
  • HAVING THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE IN YOUR BEDROOM: Temperature plays an important role in sleep. The preference of temperature varies from one person to another but experts have said that the most preferable temperature while sleeping is 20-23 degrees Celsius. So, it is very important to set your AC at the right temperature.
  • EXERCISING: It has been said by researchers that a minimum of 30 minutes of workout will help you sleep better. Exercising improves the blood circulation in our body and this helps in better sleep. Though it is suggested not to work out before bedtime as that might cause sleep deprivation. One doesn’t need to do heavy exercise, even light exercises like walking, jogging, etc. help a lot.

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  • FOLLOW YOUR SLEEP – WAKE SCHEDULE: It is highly advised to strictly follow your bedtime and wake time. This will help the body to get accustomed to your sleeping habits. Also, the bio clock will work in such a way that whenever your scheduled sleep time will come you will automatically start feeling sleepy and when your wake time comes you will wake up. This way it will also help to track your sleep. So, it’s very important to have a healthy sleep time which you must try to follow every day.
  • KEEP A CHECK AT YOUR FOOD CONSUMPTION: You must try to eat healthy to have a better sleep at night. For example, you must avoid the intake of a lot of coffee or tea as they contain caffeine and caffeine acts as a stimulant and doesn’t let you sleep. It is also suggested to have a light dinner and you should eat your dinner at least before 3 hours of sleep. You must avoid spicy food that can cause indigestion at night. Midnight snacking is also a very bad thing as it might not let you sleep.
  • HAVE A NIGHTTIME ROUTINE: Having a bedtime ritual can calm your body and that will enable you to sleep more peacefully. This is a process more about self-care and this will help you in sleeping. Don’t get into exciting activities as that just might excite your nerves more and not let you sleep. Activities like listening to soft music, doing some meditation, reading a book, cuddling with your partner, or even following a skincare routine before bedtime can help you sleep a lot better.
  • LISTENING TO NATURAL NOISES: It is sometimes said that listening to natural noises also known as pink noises can induce some sleep. Pink noises are noises like falling rain, the rustling of leaves, or the sound of waves touching the shore.

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  • SLEEPING ON COMFORTABLE BEDDING: Your bed should be comfortable for you to sleep on. You must have the best pillows and mattresses for the right sleep. If you are sleeping on a bed mattress that is too firm and gives you a lot of pain then obviously it will affect your sleep. You must have a clean bed that is insect-free so that you can sleep peacefully at night.
The Guide to Perfect Sleep
  • WHITE NOISES: A white noise machine will cancel out all the noises in your surroundings to help you sleep. These machines will cancel out noises like loud horns or even the snoring of your partner.


Therefore, you need to sleep peacefully at night. Though as age increases you tend to sleep less. Like small babies sleep throughout the day while old people tend to sleep less. The mentioned steps above will help you a lot to sleep better at night. Long deep sleep has many benefits and for every person, it’s very important. Those having insomnia or sleeping disorders can try out these tips and if these don’t work then one must immediately see a doctor because long deep sleep is very important. Hope you love reading “The Guide to Perfect Sleep”

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