The Importance of a Graphics Kit for Your Dirt Bike

One thing that riders all have in common is the care and upkeep performed on their dirtbikes. More than basic cleaning and maintenance will improve the look and performance of a bike to help catch attention while riding. To really catch the attention of onlookers while riding, adding flair to a bike is essential. This flair can include bold colors, stylish body designs, and intense eye-catching graphics kits.

Added flair to a bike does more for a rider than create a splash on the tracks or streets; it also protects the bike’s plastic materials from weather and aging. Adding graphics to a bike will improve its visual appeal and help prolong the lifespan of its lightweight plastic parts. When purchasing a graphics kit for your dirt bike, always check the reviews first for any indication of quality issues.

Adding Visual Appeal to a Bike

Adding graphics to a dirtbike can improve its visual appeal in various ways. The most obvious improvement to the bike’s look will be sponsor decals. These decals can help show off the rider’s sponsors while on the track. Graphics are also great for adding eye-catching designs, colors, logos, names, and other artwork styles to draw attention to the rider’s bike.

Decals are often UV-resistant to prevent fading, prolonging the decal’s lifespan for years. Kits come customized for specific makes and models of dirtbikes for easy installation.

Recommended parts for decal application:

  • Front Fenders
  • Rear Fenders
  • Fork Guards
  • Airboxes
  • Radiator Shrouds
  • Gas Tanks
  • Swingarms

Also, check the product’s details when purchasing a graphics kit to ensure it’s for the model of bike you own.

Benefits of Purchasing Graphics Kits for Dirtbikes

The most significant advantage of a graphics kit is the protection of plastic bike parts. Every kit offers different styles, sizes, and shapes of stickers that can cover plastic areas perfectly. The decals will provide UV protection, preventing plastic parts from aging prematurely and becoming brittle.

Installation of a graphics kit should be easy for the average rider. The decals are designed to fit specific parts and made to be easy to apply. There’s no need to take the bike to a professional shop to install a graphics kit. The instructions for installation will be easy to follow for most riders.

The basic installation steps for a graphics kit are:

  • Prep the bike: Remove old decals using a heat gun to soften their adhesive. Any excess adhesive can be wiped off with contact cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Wash the bike with soap and water, allowing it to dry entirely before decal application.
  • Align the Graphics: Always install one graphic at a time. Never remove the backing paper until the decal is in the correct position on the bike. Once the graphic is perfectly aligned where it’s intended to go, press the decal onto the plastic and pull back the backing paper to apply.
  • Finish Decal Application: The last step involves applying heat to the decal to help them stick better to curved areas on the bike. The graphics will stay in place for 8 to 10 years once they cool and won’t require further adjustments.

 Why Choose Dirtbike Graphics?

Dirtbike graphics are a low-cost, efficient, and stylish way of protecting a dirtbike’s sensitive plastic parts. They add style to the bike’s look while keeping plastic parts from scratching or weathering. Make a great impression on the streets and the track with a graphics kit for your bike.

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