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Meaning of Sat Nam

The word Sat Nam is a very unique and powerful word, which when spoken with conviction casts an aura in the surrounding environment. This almost holy word belongs to the Punjabi and Sanskrit language and dialect of words. The simplest meaning of Sat Nam or Sat Naam is true identity.

Sat Nam can be divided into two words “Sat” which means the true or everlasting and “Nam” which translates to one’s identity. Thus Sat Nam is referred to as the true identity of people. Although this word has a very simple external meaning, in reality, understanding the true depth of this powerful word is very difficult. 

Today we seek to understand the power behind the deep meaning of Sat Nam and what makes this word so powerful and unique. Some of the literal translations of this word also include “true name”, “god’s name in truth” and “there is only one constant”. Additionally, the word Nam has two different meanings which involve both an application as well as a symbol of the reality that is all-pervading and sustains the universe.

Origin of Sat Nam

The word Sat Nam has found its origins in the Punjabi script called Gurmukhi. The Gurmukhi is an abudigha that has been developed from the Landa scripts. This was extensively used and standardized by the second sikh guru, Guru Angad from the year 1504 to 1522. 

Sat Nam took a central figure in the sacred scripture of the Sikhs called the guru Granth sahib. Not only that, but Sat Nam is also a part of Gurbani sahib called the Mool Mantra. This mantra is of prime importance and is repeated by the Sikhs daily. Succeeded by the Ek-Onkar mantra (there is only one constant or there is only one common god), the word Sat Nam speaks about the god himself and describes him as a true and everlasting spirit.

Uses of Sat Nam 

The goodness and depth of Sat Nam have been used extensively by various people from different works of life over the years. It has been used to manifest sacred spaces and understandings between generations of disciples and their respective masters. It has helped to link the teacher and the student in a respectful and sacred bond that has helped impart useful and rich knowledge and training transfer.

The use of the word Sat Nam has also been seen in many Sufi believers and saints. Many Sufis over the years have used this word in their songs and art and preachings. They use this word to propagate peace of mind and calm. Additionally, Sat Nam has also been seen to be used by Taoist masters to achieve neutrality and purity.

One of the most common and extensive uses of Sat Nam has been in the sphere and space of the art of Yoga. Over a very long period, the word Sat Nam and the practice and discipline of yoga have been linked. Even today, Sat Nam is commonly used during Kundalini yoga.

Sat Nam and Yoga

The Kundalini form of yoga uses the powerful word Sat Nam in a very extensive form. It is considered to be a very important mantra to be chanted while performing Kundalini yoga. It is considered so divine that chanting this mantra during yoga practice is supposed to awaken the mind and soul. This in turn will help the individual to form a deep and internal connection with the true meaning of Sat Nam.

The power of Sat Nam is so powerful that even today, many famed yoga schools teach their students about the importance of this holy word. The Yoga School in Rishikesh has included this unique and powerful word in its curriculum and has made sure to use its power to provide better training to its students.

While Sat Nam is very common and more universally used as a part of the Kundalini form of yoga, it is also used in other types of yoga. Many kriyas and meditation techniques use Sat Nam to increase the concentration, focus, and willpower of the participants.

Similar to Namaste

Similar to Namaste, which is used before the commencement of the yoga class, Sat Nam is also used before the commencement of yoga. However, unlike Namaste, Sat Nam can also be used during and after the completion of yoga. This is because in the Sat Nam form of greeting you greet the divine and true self of the individual from your true self. There are many yoga schools in Rishikesh which teach the yoga certification courses and the one which is famous among the all is 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and the advance 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. 

Sat Nam has a very unique presence and uses in the art of yoga. In yoga, it is known as the beeja or the seed mantra. It is a sound that contains only one syllable and is responsible to activate the chakra points in the body. This in turn ensures that when you perform a yoga asana, you get the best results out of it.

The regular usage of the word Sat Nam helps you to invoke your mind and soul and thus makes you self-aware. Therefore, Sat Nam is a small but very significant and potent word and this word can make great things grow from it.

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