The pros and cons of shipping a car to your new home

The pros and cons of shipping a car to your new home

If you’re moving states or even countries, there is a lot to think about: From moving furniture, finding a new job and organizing all the bills, getting your car to the new house can be easily forgotten. Those that are moving far away may be considering whether to pay for the car to be delivered to the new place, or to just buy new. Read about pros and cons of shipping a car below in detail.

To help, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of transporting a car, so that you can make a better decision about which is the right choice for you.

Ship or drive: The pros of shipping a car


The first benefit is, of course, convenience. Car shipping with Shiply means you can leave the hard work of logistics and organization to the professionals while you focus on the rest of the mammoth tasks you need to do for the big move. Moving house can be daunting enough when it’s just a local move, never mind further afield. With the car taken care of, you’ll have one less thing to think about.

It’s safer

If you’re definitely not going to sell the car and buy new later down the line, using an auto transport service is definitely safer than trying to transport it yourself. Driving the car to the new destination could take forever and might end up in a breakdown, and trying to load the car onto a trailer yourself could lead to accidents or damage. With proper transportation, the car will arrive safely and in perfect condition.

You’re protected against damage

When using a professional service, the transportation and your vehicle will be insured – meaning if anything does happen during the journey, you’re covered. If you transport the car yourself or try to drive it long distances, you might find yourself having to pay out for wear and tear or bigger repairs.

It might be cheaper

Taking into consideration fuel and overnight stays on the journey to the new house, it might actually be cheaper to pay for the car to be shipped to your destination.

The cons of shipping a car

Less control

It can be difficult to let go of the reigns when it comes to your belongings. When using a transport service, you have less control over the logistics and the operation than you would if you drove it yourself. But you’ll certainly be busy enough with the rest of the move to distract yourself!

Potential scams

There are plenty of people out there who will offer super attractive prices with additional costs hidden in the fine print. It’s always important to do plenty of research into the company you choose for the job to prevent potential scams, as there is always an element of risk to hand over your car to someone else!

Potential damage

While a pro may be that there’s less chance of damage, there’s still the potential for something to go wrong. Harsh road conditions, wear and tear, and other issues can always create a level of risk.

There is no right or wrong choice; it’s entirely up to you. Both options have their own benefits and risks; it’s down to you to decide what you’re most comfortable with.

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