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The role of technology in the transmission of Sports Events

Streaming became a fundamental actor because thanks to the use of the internet it became possible to have more options. 

The evolution of different technologies has been a factor that has undoubtedly set the course for the biggest sporting events. As each sport grows in level of competition, the demand of fans to follow the largest number of tournaments, matches, world championships, among other competitions, has also grown .

The first live broadcast in Latin America of a long-range sporting event was the Soccer World Cup in Mexico in 1970. This event completely changed the sports and television industry.

Since then, the technology necessary to achieve coverage that meets the demand in competitions of a similar caliber, such as the Super Bowl or soccer world cup such as the next one in Qatar 2022, has also grown exponentially. Sports companies like CSN Philly and many more have grown in the last decade, hopefully it will be one of the most profitable businesses after 5 to 10 years.

Faced with this evolution, Luis Carlos Guerrero, President for Colombia of Lumen Technologies affirms that”Lately we have seen that some sporting events in different competitions have been held behind closed doors and without spectators in the different scenarios, and it is there where the role of technology lives its most significant and leading moment since these events can be transmitted and tuned in” .

The manager affirms that it is important to analyze what are the characteristics of the technology that will allow a high-quality transmission for such large audiences and how it works, at a time when it will be the only way to see the most important sports event there is. .“In the past, traditional transmissions were anchored to television networks, whose geographic coverage was generally local and depended exclusively on the reach of their analog or digital transmitters and the television receiver by the end user. However, a technology that has generated important changes regarding the way of watching sports today is streaming ” , he said.

For Guerrero, streaming became a fundamental actor in the transmission of live sporting events because, thanks to the use of the internet, it became possible to have more options toto be able to follow these events with good quality and in various places through devices such as tablets, smartphones, smart television, among others, as well as being available to more viewers.

In these technological advances that make it possible to ensure the quality of streaming, the keys are in accessibility, connectivity and security, explains the manager:

Accessibility: it has to do mainly with three aspects: connection costs depending on the internet plan that has been contracted, the transmission rights of the event, and the devices used to receive the content in standard format, HD, ultra HD, etc.

Connectivity: Internet connectivity has made significant advances throughout the world, both in penetration, coverage, and costs. This favors having streaming platforms that are much more robust and adaptable to the conditions of the end customer.

Security: securing content through encryption and user authentication is essential for any streaming platform. “That is why there are distribution and transmission techniques that allow the geolocation of the end user based on their IP and in accordance with parameters defined by areas and the owners of the rights of the event,” concluded Guerrero.

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