The Story of Runelite HD The Story of Runelite HD

The Runelite HD mod was set up for success, but Jagex had other plans. This led to a series of events and protests where the OSRS community and the company went head-to-head.

Mods aren’t anything new in the world of Old School RuneScape. They’ve been used by some players for a lot of years now and why wouldn’t they? They’re extremely useful and make the nuances of the game such as farming OSRS Gold more bearable. Now, by no means is Old School RuneScape bad, but being that it’s an older version of what modern RuneScape is today, there are a lot of outdated aspects that plague the game. Among the many plug-ins available for players, Runelite HD operates as a mod that gives a significant visual overhaul to the base game; it’s sort of like giving OSRS a huge facelift. The developer of Runelite HD, 117, was contacted by Jagex themselves to halt the development of all their projects as it’s something that they’re currently investigating. This is quite a shock for Reddit user 117, as they’ve spent approximately 2,000 hours over the last two years working on the Runelite HD project. Little did they know that this would in turn spark an outrage from the community and turn against the company that made the game they love.

Disappointment and Frustration

The turmoil began when Jagex wrote to Reddit user 117 concerning their company’s work on an HD version of Old School RuneScape which was still in “early in the exploration stages” but progress. This meant that any fan-led project that has the objective of changing how OSRS looks is at odds with Jagex’s plans. Anything under the sun like mods that help players farmOSRS GP easily is okay, but if it has something to do with altering the visuals of the game, then they’re going to be in trouble. In order words, they politely asked 117 to shut down their project of Runelite HD and halt all their plans for it to make way for their own.

Not throwing in the towel just yet, Reddit user 117 offered a compromise where they would remove their project to make way for Jagex’s once they had released theirs. This gives Jagex a collaborative control over Runelite HD’s visual style, but at the very least the mod and 117’s hard work would still be used. Unfortunately, Jagex outright declined any compromise, which led to a lot of disappointment and frustration on the part of user 117 since they won’t be able to share their project with the OSRS community.

Sparking A Fire Within the Community

Following the statements being released to the players that Runelite HD will cease to exist, Jagex received a lot of criticism and backlash when faced against the players. Not long after 117 gave their side of the story on Reddit, fans of the Runelite HD project have taken to the town square in Falador, the capital city of one of the main kingdoms in RuneScape. The fans led a sit-in protest which is similar to the one the was held recently in July in World of Warcraft, where they posted text dialogues that criticize Jagex’s action and decision for not at least compromising with the Runelite HD project. Hashtags such as #Free117 were also used whilst marching outside Falador Square.

The Perks of Speaking Up

After a few weeks of consistently protesting in Falador Square, the hard work of the players finally paid off. The developers have finally answered the criticisms of their fans concerning their decision of shutting down Runelite HD, and according to them, they were in talks of making the Runelite HD version available as a “bridge” to its project. Jagex has also stated that they were going to cooperating with the original creator and producer of Runelite HD.

117scape also shared with the fans that they offered to commit to Jagex and will provide Runelite HD until the company will be releasing its HD version of OSRS. They also gave Jagex a collab contribution to the project. Thanks to the strong opposition of the fans to Jagex through the sit-in protests, the Runelite HD mod is now back in the works.


Fast forward after the fiasco, Jagex announced on September 13 that 117scape’s Runelite HD mod will be made available to everyone. After two years of toiling over the project, 117scape’s dream finally came true. And just weeks after that, the mod is getting its first major lighting upgrade! What a time to be alive for OSRS players. Not only do they finally have an upgrade to the polygon visuals of their favorite game, but they can finally farm OSRS gold while they’re at it. What do you think about the events that happened concerning the Runelite HD mod? Let us know down below.

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