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The TIG welder also knows its pros and cons

Of the many welding techniques, TIG welding is most sought after, often SMAW (welding with a stick). This allows for better performance for TIG welders. But like other methods, technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Here they are:

Pros and Cons

TIG has the advantages of welding, which is perfect and more convenient for selected conditions. Here is their list:

Unused electrode

Other methods use electrodes, such as stick welding, as well as SMAW. This is also a good thing. However, the welding agent must periodically suspend the welding work. This will affect the overall quality of the finished product. The TIG uses another arc with a welding, unbroken electrode, allowing it to work continuously and continuously, resulting in a flawless finish.

With or without metal

There are also some good types of top 10 tig welders. For example, they can be used for welding metal. This is suitable for many applications. However, there are times when filler welding is not required, as in automatic welding.

Good for ferrous metals

Welding for starters should work for all types of metals. But that is not the case. Welding non-ferrous metals or non-ferrous metals was a very difficult task until the twentieth century. TIG welders, on the other hand, can work with these metals without any problems. These include non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and magnesium.


However, there are reasons to use welding techniques in various industries. Because every method has its drawbacks.

More complicated

TIG welders are usually experienced and trained. It is only fair to take into account the complexity of this system and the high level of experience in the technology used. For example, keeping the bow at the right distance from the workpiece requires great control and precision. But if you have TIG welding, you may be in dire need of it.

Slow way

Here’s another problem with the system, sometimes less productive. Although finishing is usually more efficient than SMAW, for example, the time for the procedure is also longer. It is best for quality-based finishes, but not for quick repairs.

Security issues

The advantage is the use of unused electrodes. But it also works to reduce it. This means that there is no current coverage that covers the unused use wires. This leads to the absence of a smoke screen, which helps to darken the display of light and makes the process stronger for the eyes. Therefore, TIG welders are exposed to high levels of light, which can be harmful to the eyes and cause sunburn. However, this can be corrected by wearing the right mechanism.

DC and AC welding

If you want to expand the welding range from the unstable steel range, you need to buy equipment that offers AC and DC settings to your customers. For example, if the application involves working on soft metals such as magnesium and aluminum, consider using an AC melting adhesive. Conversely, if the application involves working on a variety of hard metals, including deoxidized copper, steel, rust-free steel, you will need a TIG welding machine that has the ability to melt DC. When choosing an AC welder, the AC balance should be controlled. Using this control allows the user to set the AC cycle time; That is, using this feature, the user can determine whether the welder has a negative life cycle or a positive life cycle. Ideally, the best welding equipment includes manual and automatic balance control.

Easy to use

TIG welding is a necessary process; However, this does not mean that the operation of this device will be complicated. It will be easy to use and understand most TIG machines. In addition, all leading vendors of welding welders will be offered a car with metal foot pedals with amperage control. (Such a pedal is important if aluminum is involved in your welding.)

Quality design

All premium TIG welders have the best design with a number of features, including the life and overall durability of the device. One of the hallmarks of a quality TIG welder is its heater. That is, the fan only works when the car is hot; When the machine is heated, it adjusts the heat stability

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