Things To Know About Mac tips for Windows switchers

Mac tips for Windows switchers

In order to have a quick start when it comes to mac, you can simply perform some mac tricks. In the process of migrating from a Windows PC to a Mac? Here are some tips to help ease you into the new platform.

Here are few mac tips for Windows switchers:

  1. Laptop users can close their Mac laptop by just placing the computer into the display’s box in a proper manner and then closing the lid. All they have to do is press on a small button that’s present in the middle of the hinges in this scenario. It will immediately shut down your MacBook Pro once pressed. Meanwhile, desktop Mac users just need to press on a “control” option from under their mouse while they press simultaneously on an “eject” option from their keyboard.
  2. Users should utilize brightness and volume keys present at the side of their mac laptop for quick adjustment.
  3. They can just press on a “control” button and then click on the “+” option to select more windows from any given window. They just need to keep pressing “command” and then clicking with the mouse pointer to resize all windows at once.
  4. Users can press “command” along with an arrow key in order to maximize or minimize a particular window fastly.
  5. They can opt for mac spotlight as it helps them to look out for files they desire quickly, making it one of the mac tips that Windows switchers should be informed about without a doubt. It searches for photos, documents, and more within the mac desktop.
  6. Users can expose all previews of windows on mac by pressing the “command” and then pressing the “tab” key simultaneously. This would work just like a Windows taskbar, but here everything is exposed with the help of an apple menu bar that appears over the windows.
  7. You can use mac shortcuts in order to get into a sleep mode that is similar to hibernation of any PC. Press “Ctrl” along with the “eject” button for this purpose on MacBook air or macintosh desktop if you are using it as a primary display. You can use Mac default option to get a screenshot or you can use a mac screenshot software.
  •  Another mac trick for Windows switchers is that they can take screenshots by pressing “command” and “shift” together while pressing “3” for capturing a screenshot of a particular window only though mac tools bar in mac os x falls under hidden mac tricks. While using mac language, users hit “ctrl” along with an arrow key present at either side of their keyboard in order to move mac windows.

Using mac shortcuts, it is possible to create a new folder in mac os x or macintosh desktop by hitting ‘fn’ and then the “n” key simultaneously. Sometimes users are unable to shuffle files or folders because they press “shift” along with an arrow key while selecting multiple items on mac os x for this purpose, so mac users can try out other mac tricks for Windows switchers in order to get their work done faster.

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