Things You Need To Know Before Hiring An SEO Expert for your Law Firm

As the demand for digital marketing or SEO increases, more and more SEO agencies or freelancers deem themselves, experts. But are they experts in the fields? If you do not know what things you should have as an SEO professional, you will likely get scammed in the long run. 

In addition, you cannot just delegate someone to be your SEO expert. It must be experienced and know what should be done in just a glance. Of course, a glance in literal is not enough to identify all the things that need to be done. But an SEO expert who comments on a glimpse of your website will scream at what he can do for your company. 

Today, let us inform you of what are the things that you need to know before you hire an SEO expert for your law firm. Law Firm SEO is crucial, and we hope to see you at the end. 

What do SEO professionals do?

Before we dive into hiring one, let us understand first what an SEO professional does. 

In a glimpse, they are responsible for ensuring that your website obtains the highest ranking possible in search engine results. In addition, they are also in charge of formulating the right SEO strategy fit to your company’s culture, goals, and nature. 

Moreover, they must ensure that the website will gain more visitors through the marketing strategies that they will execute. With the sound of it, it is a massive job as revenue mostly depends on this one. 

If you hire an SEO that does not perform well, you will notice slow improvement or growth in your revenue structure or number of visitors. That is why getting into details before hiring an SEO expert is crucial for the business. 

What an SEO expert should have

Since the sake of your law firm is at stake, please look at what they must have before hiring. 

Years of Experience

Without degrading those who are just starting in the industry but years of experience is one thing you must consider. It is known that SEO success is long-term. In that sense, those with years of experience can show the success they have contributed to a company already. 

Also, even if SEO strategies change over time, they will be easier to adapt because they already know all the turnarounds in the digital marketing industry. 

Understand the three levels of SEO

The levels of SEO are as follows: 

  • Technical: Site structure determines how hard or easy it is for your content to crawl into search engines. 
  • On-page optimization: the use of keywords or HTML tags to increase the traffic to your website
  • Off-page optimization: this refers to link building. 

If the SEO expert has knowledge and expertise in understanding the three levels of SEO, he will be able to address them adequately. He will be able to know what issue to raise with the website developer for the website to avoid or minimize any problems. 

Impressive track record of success

One’s expertise is not measured by how long one has been in the industry. Although years of experience are a great asset, a record of success in the SEO industry is something you need to look for. 

But why? Some rookies in the industry can deliver quality results, making clients extremely happy and satisfied with their service. In that sense, you will be able to know if he can provide good results by asking for at least three current references. It will not hurt to ask if it is for the benefit of your law firm. 

Knows how to market

Digital marketing is just like traditional marketing, only even better. Your SEO expert should know the pulse of your target audiences to be able to convert a prospect to a client. He should know what SEO marketing strategies match the needs of your client. If possible, with the help of your SEO expert, the contents of your websites must appear that you can do something the extra mile. 

Looks at a broader horizon

You know a good SEO company or expert if they can see something that is not visibly identifiable at a glance. In this sense, they know every nook and cranny of their actions. Let us say, for example, that everything is all set in your Law frim SEO structure.

But your SEO experts suggested online free consultations or law students’ guide to successful recitations. In this way, those law students visiting your website for reference create another set of organic foot traffic on your law firm’s website. 

If successful in this venture, law students will make your law firm a talk of the town in law school. Also, this can be a great set of audiences for future job postings. 

As you can see, your SEO expert can and must do something to create more revenue for your end. 

The SEO experts must adapt to the law firm’s culture.

It is not enough that you have an excellent digital market. It should reflect the way you are at the office as well. This is important to avoid any confusion at the end of your clients or prospects. 

Let us say that you impose a happy and friendly culture on your website. But at the office, everything seems cold or too professional. Your client may back out or have a negative impression fro your firm. We are not saying that this kind of company culture is unacceptable. It is just that there are clients that set their trust over a company thru their culture. 

If something does not match them, they don’t interact or engage. So the SEO expert must check what the company is. It will create a feeling of comfort once they already have an appointment with one of your lawyers. 


There is more to an SEO expert than meets the eye. And more of your law firm needs to be considered before hiring an SEO expert. 

Whether it is an agency, company, or solo SEO professional, looking at their profile as law firms must check an SEO expert vigorously to ensure you are not wasting your time and money. 

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