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College 101 – 9 Tips for Every College Freshman Important to Know

The newfound freedom and extra coursework can be hard to adjust to at age 18. read Tips for College Freshman very important to know.


When you’re preparing to leave home for the first time and enter the world of college as a freshman, your adrenaline is pumping! Fear and excitement take turns ruling your thoughts as you get your stuff together for your new life.

Since you’ve never done this before, of course, you’re going to need some help. But asking the wrong person for advice can make you think you’re heading into a horror story!

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The truth is that billions of other people, just like you, have been freshmen at one time. 

They’ve all survived and lived to tell the tale. 

Not only do they have some cool stories, but they also have the advice you need that they wish they’d had. These nine tips will make your freshman year much easier! Each Tips for College Freshman is explained very well for you.

1. You’re Going to Make Mistakes

Before you look for any other tips, master this one: 

You are going to make mistakes. 

Everyone does. How you react to them is the key.

It’s like the tiny pimple on your chin that you think everyone is staring at when most of them aren’t even looking at you. Don’t blow the small things out of proportion, or they become big deals.

If you trip in front of all your classmates and cry and run away, it’ll be the talk of the campus.

If you trip, stand up, laugh, and take a bow, life goes on as usual, and you’re probably going to be the cool kid for a while.

You’re in college now. 

Everyone will mess up, and everyone else will be too busy juggling all their new responsibilities to handle!

2. It’s Okay to Ask for Help

First-year students have many resources available to them, but nothing can help if you don’t use them. Yet, many new college students refuse to ask for help because they’re afraid of looking like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Well, you don’t. 

And that’s perfectly normal! You’re new!

You’re going to look much more ridiculous showing up in the wrong classroom or running ten minutes late because you took a wrong turn.

Ask for help if you’re lost, behind in your classes, need help studying, or anything else.

3. Get Involved

Keeping your head above water might seem difficult at first. 

Between going to class and doing your homework, even thinking about doing anything else is overwhelming.

But the more you get involved, the more you build your network. It’s amazing how much this helps you work smarter, not harder.

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4. Don’t Skip Class

There’s always that one professor who doesn’t take attendance or care if you’re there. 

Go anyway.

You never know when you’ll learn something crucial that will be on a test down the road, or he or she will share a piece of life-altering advice. Maybe a “no retakes” pop quiz will show up. 

Whatever could happen, you don’t want to be missing it because you didn’t “feel like” going to class.

Plus, those “absent-minded professors” usually pay a lot more attention than you think. They might be the reference you need when you’re trying to get into an internship program or apply for a job later.

5. Make Nice With Your Roommate

There isn’t a single person on that campus who can make or break your day as much as your roommate.

If you get along, things go much easier.

On the other hand, if you’ve done everything you can to get on their good side and they still don’t seem to have one, don’t give up. Talk to your advisor to see if a switch is possible.

6. Hold Off on the Extras

Jumping straight into college and a job or an internship is a little too much for anyone.

Of course, some aren’t able to take that break. 

Financially, you might have to work and go to school at the same time. If so, it’ll be a little harder, but you will survive! Just make sure to utilize those resources available to you to make life as easy as you can.

But if you want to give your all to both studying and work, hold off until the second semester. It’s only a few months, and you’ll walk into the extra responsibilities feeling much calmer.

7. Don’t Forget About Your Health

The “freshman fifteen” is a real thing. New college students always seem to gain weight as they settle in.

The excess weight comes from a lot of factors. 

Two of the main culprits are adjusting to a new sleeping schedule and eating junk food. When you’re rushing between classes, fast food is the most convenient. 

And then there’s socializing, of course. As college students, most of the time, your outings will be at the cheapest places, not the healthiest.

To avoid that dreaded “fifteen” that starts the slippery slope to a lot more:

  • Put your nutrition first.
  • Sleep well and exercise where you can, even by just taking the longer route to class.
  • When you go out, pick the healthier options.

8. Avoid the Dating Scene

Your parents and teachers warned you, but in high school, you probably didn’t care. Dating was the way to popularity, although you had no idea what you were doing.

Now that you’re in college, you’re going to meet hundreds of new people, and you might feel pressured to date to fit in. 

Don’t cave! 

It’s fine to socialize, but your attention splits between your education and your partner when you date. Only one can have you the most, and the result is never pretty either way.

You are really not the only one without a date, even if it seems like it. Get through your freshman year before you think about getting serious.

9. Hang Out With the Right Crowd or None at All

Like with dating, it’s tempting to follow the leader of the wrong crowd instead of risk being alone.

That mindset is going to cause you a lot of problems later. You could find yourself in situations that put you in danger or staying out instead of studying for that crucial test. 

Real friends are never going to make you choose between bettering yourself and hanging out with them. Get comfortable being alone if you have to be. 

At least that way, you’ll never end up with the wrong person.


As a first-year college student, you are following in the footsteps of billions of other people going through the same routine. 

Those who were successful have good advice for you. Things they did, didn’t do, and wished they’d known are all right here in these nine expert tips. Hope you love reading “Tips for College Freshman”

Author Bio:

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Varsity House Gainesville to help them with their online marketing.

Adam Marshall

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