Tips for Re-designing a Modern Outdoor Kitchen

Spring is in the air, and that means everyone is spending as much time outdoors as possible. If you are like many Americans, you may have decided that outdoor living is the best living, and you are planning to redesign that old outdoor patio into a sleek, modern, outdoor kitchen. Keep reading for tips to make it beautiful and functional.

Consider the Location

With a project as big as this, don’t rush into purchasing appliances and countertops before you have carefully determined the location. This is the first of several tips for a modern outdoor kitchen. Consider the size of the space that’s available for an outdoor kitchen. Some people prefer it to be close to the house so that electrical and lighting components are easier to install. Other people have a more expansive space and prefer the outdoor kitchen be the center of an entertaining area. Either way, it is important to figure out what a realistic size is for your new, modern space.

Choose a Layout

After choosing a location and size, consider the outdoor kitchen layout. Some homeowners want to make an outdoor kitchen that is similar to their indoor kitchen layout, including countertops, cabinets, and appliances. For homeowners who are restricted by size or budget, sticking with a grill and a few cabinets will also work. Most important is functionality. Determine whether the space will be used for family dinners, large recreational gatherings, or occasional get-togethers with friends. This will help in choosing a layout.

For homeowners who want to be able to entertain large parties, an island might be necessary. Some homeowners even like having a flat-top grill they can use for hibachi-type entertaining. For the serious cook, having enough counter space will be essential. Keeping these types of things in mind will help when determining the best layout for an outdoor kitchen.

Determine Kitchen Appliances

Once the layout has been determined, it’s time to start looking for appliances. The most important appliance in an outdoor kitchen is the grill. It is usually the center of outdoor cooking, but it isn’t the only way to cook outdoors. Some families are opting for custom-built pizza ovens or smokers. It is possible to custom design any outdoor kitchen. 

After the grill, the most common outdoor kitchen appliances include refrigerators, warming drawers, a stove, and a sink. Each of these can make outdoor cooking and eating more convenient and comfortable. Refrigerators are great for keeping water, wine, beer, and sodas cool. Freezers are also nice to keep the supply of ice plentiful and easy to access. Some families enjoy having a sink nearby to make cleanup easy and quick. Warming drawers and stoves can also make it possible to cook any meal outdoors.

Always purchase appliances that were made to be used outdoors. Using powder-coated cabinets and stainless steel appliances can keep an outdoor kitchen working even if there is wind, rain, or other inclement weather. 

Don’t Forget the Storage

Practically speaking, it is necessary to keep all of your dishes, utensils, cups, and cookware in storage containers that will keep them protected from the weather. Depending on the location of the kitchen, it may also be necessary to protect them from wild animals that may roam around. Containers and cabinets that seal tight will keep things in the best shape.

Plan your new outdoor kitchen using the above tips. You can bring the fun and creativity of cooking outside and revolutionize how you spend your time out of the house. 

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