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If you’re having a hard time running successful meetings or you want to make them even better, check out these Tips for Remote Meetings.


Think about it — in a traditional meeting setup, you have everyone in one room, making oversight a lot easier than if they were scattered all over the place.

Now, when it comes to remote meetings, participants are connected via a virtual space. But physically, they could be all over the world.

It’s a challenging setting, no doubt. But is it useful? 

Absolutely! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as popular as it is — now more than ever with the Coronavirus pandemic forcing isolation. 

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If you’re a leader with various teams worldwide, remote meetings must be a vital part of your workflow.

But how do you overcome the challenges and hold super-effective meetings?

Read on for smart tips to help you run better remote meetings in the future.

Inform Your Team in Advance

Unless it’s an impromptu gathering that demands everyone drop whatever they are doing, it’s always best to inform your participants ahead of time.

Keep in mind that when everyone is not in the same place, it’s not easy to bring them together on short notice. You want the participants to have enough time to move around their schedules and make room for the meeting.

Besides, informing everyone in advance that they expect a meeting allows them time to prepare for it.

Brief Your Team on the Agenda

The whole point of a meeting is what is going to be discussed. If people have no idea what the gathering is all about, They’ll go in clueless and waste time trying to catch on instead of developing ideas.

A remote meeting takes effort to put together. You don’t want to waste half of the session getting people up to speed when you could start right away with the meeting’s objectives.

The next time you have a remote meeting, send out the agenda to each participant ahead of time. It’s more effective to have your team mull over things and come up with questions and ideas long before the meeting starts.

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Send Out Meeting Guidelines

Order is everything in a meeting, and remote meetings are no exception.

Think of these scenarios: 

1. Everyone on the team is visible except one or two individuals who have opted to switch off their cameras.

2. Or maybe one of the participants is outdoors, but they have a terrible taste in picking locations, and now they are within earshot of a construction project or a middle school playground.

As a team leader, it’s very important to set meeting guidelines and etiquette to ensure a smooth and productive experience.

Include guidelines in your invitation to avoid scenarios like the ones above.

Pick the Best Interactive Platform

The backbone of a virtual meeting is the platform used. If it’s not interactive or user-friendly enough, it may negatively affect the meeting.

For better remote meetings, choose a virtual conferencing platform that serves your needs and is easy to use by everyone on your team.

There are tons of web conferencing tools to pick from, each unique in its way while still supporting many well-known features. 

Here are some of the popular web conferencing platforms you can use:

  • GoTo Meeting: an all-inclusive platform that can host up to 100 participants
  • Zoho Meeting: another all-inclusive platform with a user-friendly interface
  • Skype for Business: a version designed especially for business meetings by the leading video chat giant
  • Zoom: a mega, all-in-one video conferencing solution with a highly interactive interface
  • Join. me: a simple web conferencing platform that you can integrate with other tools

Maintain a Light Tone

When it comes to the actual meeting, set an alight tone and encourage participants to be themselves. This allows them to be comfortable and express their views openly.

You don’t want a meeting that gets boring fast because there’s nothing but business talk.

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Would you appreciate hosting a meeting where no one is willing to ask questions because they want it to end already?

Remember, you can have fun and enjoy a meeting while still maintaining professionalism.

Set Clear Meeting Goals

Getting everyone to contribute can be a big issue in any meeting.

If you want everyone to be an active participant, it’s best to develop a set of goals that must be fulfilled by the end of the session. 

Communicate the meeting goals with your team and, if possible, assign these objectives to each member. This tactic will keep everyone focused on completing their task, in turn improving participation and engagement.

Engage Participants With Questions

Did you know that questions have a way of keeping people alert?

It’s easy for people to disengage and zone off in meetings; keeping the questions coming makes people think, pulling them back to the present.

Since you want to keep your team engaged and excited, ask questions frequently and allow everyone to respond. When one participant is talking, encourage the rest to type out their responses as they await their turn to speak.

Take Short Breaks

Short breaks are a great way of breaking monotony and refueling, especially if meetings are long.

For a virtual meeting, allocate five minutes or more after every hour, depending on the meeting’s duration. 

During these breaks, participants are allowed to leave for a bit, chat with each other, or take that time to put together ideas and work on the discussed issues before the meeting proceeds.

Avoid Drawn-Out Sessions

Meetings can be physically and mentally draining, and most people don’t seem to like them very much!

A successful meeting doesn’t have to belong. It may even take 30 minutes. The shorter, the better, unless there’s a lot to discuss.

Otherwise, if you want your team to have a positive attitude about upcoming meetings (and even look forward to them), keep them short.

Final Thoughts

Running a successful remote meeting can be challenging, no doubt about it!

But why is that the case?

The best answer is, it’s harder to steer. With time delays and bad connections, it’s nothing like the traditional meeting where everyone is gathered in a room you have full control of.

However, with the right tactics like those we’ve shared, you should overcome any hiccup and run excellent remote meetings. Hope you love reading “Tips for Remote Meetings”

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