Tips for Safely Storing Tires – A detailed Guide

Tips for Safely Storing Tires - A detailed Guide

Having extra tires is a useful habit, but storing them might sometimes be an issue because if you don’t do it properly, they might deteriorate.

When buying spare or winter tires from your tire shop, you might get some tips and advice on how to properly store them, that will help you keep them in a fresh condition, and today we are talking about that.

Clean the tires

Cleaning the tires before storing them is crucial to do because of the dirt and brake dust that might be on them. When cleaning the tires, choose a product that is not corrosive and avoid using products with petroleum and all tire dressings. Applying tire shine or dressings can help to protect the sidewall of the tire from exposure to contaminants, but it only lasts a few days.

The cheapest way is to mix some dish soap with lukewarm water in a bucket and have a go. Make sure that they are completely dried off when you store them.


Tires are affected by sun and high temperature

Direct sunlight warms the rubber and makes the tires degrade. The UV rays from the sun go through the rubber and dry it out, which can cause breakage. 

It is best to keep the tires in a cool, dark place without sun exposure. Another good tip is to cover your tires with a thick, sun-protection tarp. 

Temperature and humidity oscillations are bad too

As we above mentioned, high temperatures can harm tire quality. 

But not only that, oftentimes if they are stored in a place where a lot of temperature and humidity changes occur, it might affect them as well.

So, it’s not good for them to be in a too hot environment, and also not so good for them to be in a freezing environment.

The best way would be to find an air-conditioned room where you can control the environment.

Find an airtight bag

Oxygen is one more thing to keep in mind when storing tires. It is best to keep your tires in a vacuum, so airtight bags would be a perfect choice.

It is best to wrap each tire separately. After putting them in an airtight bag, cover them with the above-mentioned tarp.

Avoid chemical exposure

This one is pretty obvious. If the tires deteriorate from sunlight and oxygen, it is easy to conclude that chemicals are not that great for them. Ozone is particularly damaging for tires. You might as well avoid storing them next to generators, furnaces, compressors, and similar.

How to place them

The best way to place stored tires would be to stand them upright because it puts less stress on the tires. You can also stack them horizontally, but make sure that the stack doesn’t get too high because the pressure might distort them.

One other option is to hang them on tire racks or hooks, but make sure the tires are mounted before you do that to avoid distorting them over time.

Those were the tips for safely storing tires. Next time you are in a tire service center, don’t hesitate if you see winter tires at a discount in the middle of summer, because now you know how to safely store them.

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