Tips On How To Clean Your Bikes Like A Pro

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Australia is a fascinating place where people like riding bicycles. In recent years, bicycling has become increasingly popular. In terms of landscape and terrain, Australia has a lot to offer cyclists. Riders have a wide selection of alternatives to pick from when it comes to their preferred bike. As a result, bike owners must keep their bikes clean to ensure a safe and smooth ride. The top bike brand Morgan Blue in Australia has long produced high-quality bicycle cleaning equipment to provide a comprehensive solution to the bike business.

In Australia, more and more individuals are getting on their bikes for exercise and adventure. And people discovered that the longer they went on a particularly muddy trail ride, the more they knew they’d have to clean their bikes.

Cleaning Supplies For Bikes

You can accomplish most cleaning and lubrication activities with these essential items:

  • Rags
  • Brushes
  • Water
  • Soap / All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Degreaser
  • Lubricant For Chains
  • Bike Stand

How To Clean A Bicycle?

A person can clean most filthy bike components by carefully cleaning them with a moist or dry towel. Brushing, cleaning, and relubrication of other components are required regularly. Washing your bike with a high-pressure hose might cause harm to your bike’s sensitive bearing systems. As a result, be cautious when washing with water.

Bicycle Frame

Dirt and filth may be gently scrubbed away using a pail of warm soapy water and a brush. Cleaning the handlebars, top tube, seat stays, front fork, and brakes should be done from the top down. Keep soap away from the brake pads and rotors if you have disc brakes. To clean the rotors, you can use a rotor cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Scrub the chainstays, chainrings, cranks, and cogs to finish. After that, rinse all of the pieces in the same order you cleaned them using a pail of clean water and a brush. After that, thoroughly dry the bike with a couple of clean, dry clothes.

The Chain

The most “at-risk” lubricated element on your bike is the chain. To slow the rate of chain wear, clean and lubricate it regularly. You can use a cloth and degreaser to clean chains that haven’t accumulated too much dirt. If your chains are filthy, consider using chain-cleaning equipment, which is more thorough and less messy. After the degreaser has dried, carefully drip lubricant over the chain, being sure you get some on each link. Allow the lubrication to dry entirely before wiping away any excess lubricant to avoid attracting more dirt.

Brake And Derailleur Levers

After cleaning your bike, apply a drop or two of lubricant to the lever pivots and barrel adjusters to maintain them in good working order.

Brakes And Derailleurs Cables

To successfully transmit your orders to the component groups, you should inspect them often (particularly in damp circumstances) and relubricate them regularly.

Brake And Derailleur Assemblies

These comprise a lot of tiny moving components. Keep a watch on their arms, wheels, and pulleys to ensure they do not get tangled or stiff. Using grease, lubricate the pivot points. Keep lubricant away from your brake pads at all times.


For wheels and rims, a softer, larger brush from Morgan Blue in Australia will help you get into every nook and cranny with less effort. Dip your brush into the same bucket as your frame. Scrub around the wheel, hitting the spokes and hub before flipping the wheel to obtain the other side. Rinse after repeating on the opposite wheel.

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