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Tips to consider when selling your used MacBook

So, if you have used your MacBook for several years now, then it’s time for an update now! Here are some tips to follow to ensure that you sell your used MacBook for the highest possible money: Read about selling your used MacBook below.

Research different sites which purchase Macs

Now once you have started the selling procedure of your MacBook, you should research multiple websites that purchase used Macs. It will give you two major benefits. Firstly, you will get to know the real worth of your MacBook from different sites that will offer different dollar amounts. Secondly, you will see which website is ready to offer the highest for your device. With price comparison, you can ensure you get the best possible money for your used device in the market.

If your Mac has any damages, then you will notice different websites will offer you different price for it, depending on how damaged the device is. Some sites which are ready to purchase used Mac, update them and put them on resale at higher value. Other sites which buy used Macs sell their parts. Find out what type of website it is and then accordingly bargain for your device. You may also read more about how much do you hair extensions cost in austrelia.

Check out the reviews of the websites

This is the most important step. Often customers post their experience with a store online. This can be extremely helpful for the next client to find out whether a site can be relied upon or not. Unluckily, some sites are fraudulent and may accept your used Mac but never send you the promised amount.

So, the best way to stay away from a scammer website is to check out the reviews of the store online. If the site doesn’t have any reviews, then it is not a reliable one.

Past customers will tell you if the site has paid the promised amount or not. Some technology that buys your MacBook may not give you the promised amount after checking the device. Once they receive the shipment, they will say you didn’t disclose some particular damage and will cut your price here and there and pay you a lower amount. If a site has done this before, don’t go for it.

Check out the forums and review websites to know the legitimacy of the reviews. And, once satisfied, you can proceed with the deal.

Clean your MacBook before shipping it

A major thing to take care of before shipping your MacBook is to clean it down to reset it to the factory settings and delete all your personal details.

You can just reset your MacBook Pro to the factory setting, after copying the data to a hard disk or a new Mac. Make sure no trace of your history remains. This step is very essential to protect your identity.

If you want to avoid all the hassle mentioned above and just wish to enlist your Mac on sale, then Macback is your one-stop solution for it. Just mention the details of your Apple product and you will get the best price for it. You will get the price once the inspection is done and you will be paid instantly in your bank account.

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