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10 Effective Tips to Deal with Anxiety and Stress – Amir Articles

Anxiety and stress can get on your nerves and can make you feel overwhelmed but these Tips to Deal with Anxiety and Stress are amazing.


Anxiety and stress can get on your nerves and can make you feel overwhelmed to a point when you almost feel like giving up. It is a common evil in everyone’s life; even 70% of adults in the United States suffer from anxiety due to personal reasons and professional reasons. 

If you want to get over your anxiety and stress issues, you will have to search for holistic mental wellness where the focus will be on your holistic growth so that after the treatment, your anxiety doesn’t come back to you like a boomerang.


There are many anxiety retreats and therapy retreats for depression that provide holistic mental health wellness and help you deal with your anxiety in a far better way. 

Meanwhile, there are some ways to help you bring your anxiety and stress under control at home, in case you want to deal with it alone. 

Here are 10 tips for dealing with anxiety and stress: 

1. Start journaling:

The best way to stop your anxiousness and stress from getting hold of you is to start journaling. Take a pen and a paper and candidly write down whatever has been going on inside your mind. Journaling your thoughts helps you understand your thoughts and help you track your trigger points. 

2. Fix your sleep schedule:

Studies suggest that the disrupted sleep pattern reduces productivity, and less productivity produces a sense of guilt for not utilizing time wisely, which ultimately results in anxiety and stress. So, work on your sleep schedule, go to bed and wake up daily at the same time, and aim at having at least 8-10 hours of sleep every day. Sleep recharges your body and rejuvenates your thought processes, which let you cope with a stressful situation in a better way. 

3. Get social media detoxification: 

Social media is most cases inculcate the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) in you. It consumes a lot of your time, which makes you delay your work deadlines or other personal commitments; this triggers a sense of guilt and hopelessness and results in anxiety and stress. So, limit your usage of social media for your mental health wellness. 

4. Distance yourself from negativity and surround yourself with positivity 

In your daily life, you unknowingly take in a lot of negative news and content that makes you feel overwhelmed, and many people in your contact degrade your self-worth. These negativities contribute a lot to triggering your anxiety and stress.

If you want holistic mental health wellness, you will have to distance yourself from toxic news and toxic people present in your life. Instead, surround yourself with people who encourage you, who believe in you, and consume contents that make you feel better about things.


5. Make time for your hobby:

Getting back to your hobbies by taking a break is the best mental health gateway you will ever get because nothing can make you feel better than doing things that you have always loved to do.

When you do things you are interested in, it releases dopamine into your brain, making you feel good and enhancing your ability to think and plan. So, if you feel excessively anxious and stressed, take a break, get back to your hobbies, and start doing what makes you happy. 

6. Indulge yourself in exercise and yoga.

When you are stressed and anxious, your body gets a rush of the stress hormone, cortisol, which only exercise or yoga can defeat. Moreover, endorphins are released when you work out, which helps you lighten your mood and deal with your stress. Yoga and exercise give you mental peace, and it improves your sleep quality, which is disturbed by your anxiety and stress. 

7. Practice breathing exercises 

When you suffer from anxiety, it is difficult to gather yourself up and motivate yourself to sit patiently and do breathing exercises. Still, a little push to focus on your breathing for at least 5 minutes will be worth it. When you practice breathing exercises, your mind and body feel relaxed, and your stress is brought under control. Deep breathing sends a signal to your brain and helps it calm the chaos inside your brain. 

8. Seek help. 

If the going gets too difficult for you, talk to your close ones and take a mental health getaway by going to anxiety retreats and undergoing therapy retreat sessions for depression. When you suppress your problems, it doesn’t go away; rather, it starts accumulating inside you that can harm you in the long run.

9. Read autobiographies and biographies

If you are suffering from crippling anxiety and stress, it is highly advisable to read biographies and autobiographies of your favorite celebrities, entrepreneurs, or the successful people in this world. This will make you acquainted with their struggles and how they overcame them, which will inspire you to deal with your problems in a better way. 

10. Limit caffeine consumption

It is a myth that high caffeine intake helps you deal with your problems better. The fact is, high doses of caffeine can make your anxiety and stress rise to a higher level; different people have different capacities to bear caffeine consumption. The right amount of caffeine intake is two to three cups per day. 

It is sometimes difficult to deal with certain situations in life, and that uncontrollably makes you stressed out and anxious, but your problem does not define you; your strength to get through your problems define you. So, do not lose hope, reach out for help when needed, and give yourself a break when the going gets tough. Hope you love reading “Tips to Deal with Anxiety and Stress”

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